Flyleaf Albums

  • New Horizons Album (10/30/2012)
    Fire Fire
    New Horizons
    Call You Out
    Cage On The Ground
    Great Love
    Bury Your Heart
    Saving Grace
    Green Heart
    Broken Wings

  • Remember To Live Album (12/7/2010)
    Justice & Mercy
    Amy Says
    Dear My Closest Friend
    Light In Your Eyes
    Believe In Dreams
    Arise (Ben Moody Mix)

  • Memento Mori Album (11/10/2009)
    Beautiful Bride
    This Close
    The Kind
    In The Dark
    Set Apart This Dream
    Swept Away
    Tiny Heart
    Bonus Tracks
    Break Your Knees
    Have We Lost
    Who Am I
    Uncle Bobby
    Stay (Faraway, So Close)
    Bitter Sweet

  • Much Like Falling Album (10/30/2007)
    Much Like Falling
    Justice And Mercy

  • Flyleaf Album (10/4/2005)

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    Reviews about Flyleaf albums
    My Expirence of Flyleaf-Memento Mori | Reviewer: Relentless 85
        ------ About the album Memento Mori performed by Flyleaf

    My Expirence about those album.... I can only say it's just fantastic!! Full of meannings. For me personal it's good piece of Rock/Christian Rock. The first time i've got possiblity to hear that album was few years ago, from my best friend(girl) and for the first "look" i was loved, so for me it's a fantastic pleasure to listening it.

    About flyleaf | Reviewer: spency
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    flyleaf is the best band and is the only band to ever make me cry, just straight up cry and they are my savoir. Thank u for ur beautiful music it has woken me up from that depression state two years ago. I luv u guys, without u, life would be horrible

    i love flyleaf! | Reviewer: zara-jahyne
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    ive loved fly leaf since they first came out, and i made my friends fall in love with them as well. as soon as i was able to buy the first album i grabbed it and brought..not carring i was paying $40 for it! i had my cd stolen, but still ahve the cover and am majorly pissed about it. but thank god for downloading sites, ive been able to redownload all the songs from the album, and now they have new albums out, IM GETTING THOSE AS WELL :D love flyleaf so much, Lacey Mosly has such a great voice, and her lyrics are mind drooling. love her so much!! :]

    wheres a new album? | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    Im absolutely obsessed with flyleaf and have been waiting on a new album to come out for a while now...wheres it at? I think they really need to come out with another one...the songs on this album are startin to get old because i have listened to them so much but i keep coming back to it just to hear Lacey's voice...i just want something new from them!!!

    freakin awsomest band i ever heard!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    flyleaf is the greatest band of all time i cant even explain how much their music touched me!!! lacey as an amazing and uniqe voie no one can sing behind or after her!!the band is incerdible! i recimend them to anybody who hasnt heard them!!!

    awesome, awesome awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    This group is just amazing! I bought their cd and listen to it constantly. I also read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer around the same time I bought this cd and thought they should put several songs from Flyleaf on the Twilight soundtrack! I hope we hear lots more from this group! Good stuff!!!

    Flyleaf is absolutely amazing!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    I love this band so much.....its probably my favorite band of all time!!!! So much emotion, amazing instrumentals and not to mention Laceys intense passionate voice. Everything about their songs, and the lyrics just make me feel everything they are trying to say. I really Love Flyleaf, and I hope more and more people come to love them too!!

    They've got it all! | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    I've never heared the album,, but I do have all theyre songs.
    When I sa All Around Me on TMF once, I directley fell in love with the music. But songs like I'm so sick, Cassie, but also So I Thought, touch me the most.
    They know how to put theyre feelings in the music.
    When you like rock (soft, hard or metal), you realy should try this once.
    So I Thought can even be fun for Bimbo's :P

    best new band in a long time! | Reviewer: wade
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    i saw them live opening for another band. at the time i didnt know who they were. as they began to perform i was awestruck!! i couldnt believe such a powerful voice came out. they are the best new band i have heard in a long, long time. im am absolutely in love with Lacey Mosley. her passion and her voice are so intense.

    what i heard.... | Reviewer: jessie
        ------ About the album Flyleaf performed by Flyleaf

    when i first heard this cd i was sounds of the vocals and the different instuments blended so well....they really are a great give them a chance!!

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