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ULF NYGAARD Programming, vocals. Started his musical career
in the early nineties, and was signed to PolyGram in 1995
with folk&røvere, a trip hop inspired boy/girl duo singing
in Norwegian. The original female voice was Beate
Slettevoll Lech (who in 1998 went on to form her own band
Beady Belle). Ulf has made five folk&røvere albums, the
latest includied one of the biggest Norwegian hits of 2003,
rewarded with two Norwegian Grammy nominations. Founded
Flunk around new year 2000/2001, taking a break from

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Scandinavia Rocks! | Reviewer: Amy Doty
    ------ About the song Six Seven Times performed by Flunk

This song managed to stick in my head between the year I first heard it (2006) and the year I rediscovered it (Nov. 2007). And you know, I can't pin down what I love so much about it. The lyrics are nice, but they aren't exactly poetic brilliance. Musically, it's lovely without being especially ground-breaking in any way...you got some electronic waltz beat, you got some spacey guitar-ish sounds...it's good! But what sets this apart from "good" and makes it worth trying is this lead vocalist's voice. She sounds like Bjork. And seriously when I first heard this song that's who I thought it was, and I thought: "Wow. She's finally toned it down a bit and it's lovelier than I would have imagined!" Well, Bjork is still my number-one lady, but this one has a much more vulnerable, and dare I say relatable, vibe than my weird rock queen! She's from Norway, whereas Bjork is my Icelandic fairy, and fans of my love will hear the accent from across the room. To sum up: A.Bjork is far stronger and more experimental, but B.we aren't always in the mood for that, and C.this woman has a beautiful, I mean beautiful voice. If you've never doubted yourself, go for Bjork, but if you have ever felt the teensiest bit vulnerable and maybe loved a guy until your heart could literally burst, go for Flunk. Love to all a ya!

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