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George Jones Flowers For Mama Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2010 10:00:00 AM


Papa brought flowers for mama today
And all the grown children, but it's not mother's day
I don't have no money, not even a dime
But I brought mama flowers like I have all the time.
Everyday I pick flowers from this pretty hill
A small box of Daisies and a few Daffodils
I bring them to mama at the end of the day
And say flowers for mama, here's mama's bouquet.
They brighten her face and she holds me close
She'd say they are more precious than a beautiful rose
And she wore a smile sweeter than millions of flowers
A smile that I'll carry through life’s darkest hours.
Now mama was lying there, yes, they tell me she passed away
And she was surrounded by flowers that out-shined my bouquet
I know mine aren't fancy but still all the while
They were placed in her hand and I know I saw mama smile.
Flowers for mama I picked them today
Not very much, just a simple bouquet
Mom wasn't so fancy but up there above
She's the prettiest flower in God's garden of love.

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Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/10

This is a beautiful song by George Jones that I remember growing up with and listening to.
One of my mother's favorites while she was on the earth still. She taught me all of the words to it as a child. Now, I can sing it to her when I go and visit her gave and leave my own flowers.
If you have never heard it or heard of it, take a listen.