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Moby Flower Lyrics

Last updated: 12/03/2013 03:53:53 PM

Green Sally Up
Green Sally Down
Last one (to) squat
Gotta till the ground

Ol' Miss Lucy's dead and gone
Left me here to weep and moan

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I have the original 1959 recording of this song. | Reviewer: slick willie | 12/3/13

In 1959 Alan Lomax set out across the south and as far West as the Ozark Mtns. to record obscure folk singers singing from the heart, songs that had been passed down for generations. He recorded these songs in one room school houses, around the kitchen table and even out in the field. When he met Mattie Gardner, Mary Gardner and Jessie Pratcher he recorded them singing this song acapella. My dad bought this album in the 60's and I grew up listening to it. I'm now in my 50's and my dad recently gave me that album.

And I know that it SOUNDS like "bring" Sally up but I can confirm that the name of this song is indeed "Green" Sally Up.

Flower | Reviewer: Andrew | 11/26/13

This is a great song... my powerlifting coach plays this and everytime it says bring sally up we do a 12 inch leg lift and when it says bring sally down we do a 2 inch leg lift.. in the chorus we do scisors and keep doing it until the song is over

Slavery | Reviewer: Corry | 10/23/13

I agree it is about slavery it a touching sound. My karate teacher Freddy played this for the class and every time it said bring Sally down we had to squat and go down on a push up and everytime it said bring Sally up we went up.

This song | Reviewer: Soldier guy | 6/10/13

We use this song for physical training in the army. It actually says bring Sally up bring Sally down. When it says bring Sally down you bring your body to planking and hold it until it says bring Sally up by completing a push-up, repeat until the song is over. Extreme workout right there for your upper body.

Flower lyrics | Reviewer: Norm | 1/17/12

From what I could uncover, this was an old plantation slave song that the children played. "green" sally up was an arbitrary reference for all in the circle wearing any kind of green to stand up. Last one (to) squat gotta till the ground. (till the garden rows) The color depended on the leaders observations.

The truth | Reviewer: SquekyMouse | 3/21/10

After some google-ing, I found that it is actually a copy of an old children rhyme for african/american children.

This is the Rhyme:

Green Sally up. Green Sally down.
last one squat got to tear the ground.

Ole, Miss Lucy dead and gone.
Left me here to weep and moan.
If you hate it fold your arms.
If you love it clap your hands.

Now it was meant for kids to play then go work out in the fields, I believe that Moby was aiming for this effort to be infused into their song.

hmm, not sure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/08

I love this song but apparently the lyrics at "green sally up, green sally down" from a random old song which has been mimicked and slightly altered by moby, still a kick ass song.

I love the way moby does that. :)

Interesting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

What an unusual song...
Very simple lyrics that sound very, er, retro I guess, but totally awesome music behind the words. Like much of Moby's stuff, it's very heavy on the bass, but uses a lot of electric guitar in this one.

part of gone is 60 seconds | Reviewer: tomas | 6/8/07

part of the gone in 60 seconds movie soundtrack awesomemovie awesome song