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Jaci Velasquez Flower in the Rain Lyrics

Last updated: 03/12/2013 12:27:04 PM

Chris Eaton

You are the One; there's no one else
Who lifts me up
And gives me water from the well
But there's a hole
That seems to drain it all away
And once again I'm left in fear and doubt
When all my strength is crying out

So here I am again
Willing to be opened up and broken like a flower in the rain
Tell me what have I to do
To die and then be raised
To reach beyond the pain
Like a flower in the rain

The evil wind, it blows a storm
To rock my world
Just when I think I'm safe and warm
I'm led astray far too easily
It's always hard for me to say I'm wrong
Until I know I can't go on


Lord, You have searched me
And know when I sleep and when I rise
You're familiar with all my ways
Even the darkness will shine
Like the day
When you look into my heart


Lyrics ©1996 Longitude Music Co. On behalf of Windswept Pacific Music Ltd./BMI

Thanks to Dezy Best ; for submitting Flower in the Rain Lyrics.

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This song speeks to me | Reviewer: Once Broken | 3/12/13

I have been through a lot in my life. things that no one should have to face and this song reminds me that on matter how broken down I get or how much life sucks God is there to help pick up the peices. It's a reminder that when I'm lost and think im alone I will always have someone to turn to.

I <3 this song! | Reviewer: Samantha K | 12/5/11

I'm only 12 years old but i have been a christian my whole life and this song touches my heart! I love this song so much and wish me luck on singing this song in the future! :)

Blessings | Reviewer: Melinda k. | 3/11/11

Who of you knows this song, sung by Gigi Villa. Cna you give me a lyrics: The song goes like this:
How it shall be if you will listen to the voice of the Lord. Faithful to obey all his commandments. He will set you high above all other nations and all of this blessing shall overflowing...

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Jes | 3/16/10

The song is so so beautiful. While i listen i realize somewhere down the line my life too is similar to the song. My prayer too is the same like the prayer of the composer. God bless the composer & singer.

I appreciate This Song It Touches My Heart | Reviewer: Viverly Salenga | 1/30/09

I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG EVEN WHEN I aM STILL A CHILD AT THE AGE OF 12 I LIKE THE mESSAGE. I found out what it means so much to me and it was like a medicine.Thaks to the Composer of this Music And Speccialy to God.

I love this song | Reviewer: Melinda | 11/14/07

I absolutely love this song! I listen to it on repeat a lot of the time, this song really helps me