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Let’s talk about magic. Because music, at its best, is a
kind of magic that lifts you up and takes you somewhere
else. “I want my music to sound like throwing yourself out
of a tree, or off a tall building, or as if you’re being
sucked down into the ocean and you can’t breathe,” says
Florence Welch. “It’s something overwhelming and
all-encompassing that fills you up, and you’re either going
to explode with it, or you’re just going to disappear.”

Florence writes her best songs when she’s drunk or has a
hangover, because that’s when More...

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Review about Florence + The Machine songs
. . .under her skirt? | Reviewer: Deltron3030
    ------ About the song Girl With One Eye performed by Florence + The Machine

now, don`t get me wrong. . .it said under her skirt. . .thats creepy. and, great song really. But, i think the lyrics r confusing and uneeded to be that dirty and cruel. The song sounds like a gurl who made another girl cry (becuase she dated Del behind her back), so she got her back. simple. logic. Still- under her skirt? whats under there? a jungle? Murdoc Niccals house? whatever, great song

I think | Reviewer: Tori
    ------ About the song Shake It Out performed by Florence + The Machine

I think you made a few mistakes but i'm not sure. The mistakes were ''It's hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him up'' ,but you may be right. The other one is ''Looking for heaven found a devil in me...I'm going to hell and i'm gonna let it happen to me''. Like I said you may be right.

Florence and the Machine Breath of Live | Reviewer: Irish Flattop
    ------ About the song Breath Of Life performed by Florence + The Machine

I heard Florence and the Machine on Snow White and the Hunter for the first time. Florence has an absolutely enchanting and haunting voice. I am a 73 year old guy and very choosy about my music. I don't normally throw plaudits to performers but in this case I just had pass out the compliments. I actually had to rewind the movie to where the song starts just to listen to it again! This group REALLY needs more exposure and some DEDICATED PR!!!!!!!!

Inner Animal | Reviewer: Listener
    ------ About the song Howl performed by Florence + The Machine

This is clearly a love song, but it also addresses the carnal nature of every person's inner animal when they've felt love or lust.
"The Curse" refers to the notion that everything is new to young people, and to experience something as powerful as love or lust (or both) can drive one to obsession.
There's all kinds of religious imagery, and the fact that she is singing as a beast on the hunt "[trying] to tear [her] way in... the fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress..." demonstrates that the lovers want to be completely encompassed in each other, regardless of (I assume imposed) sacred requirement of marriage.
Speaking of "A man who's pure of heart and says his prayers by night may still become a wolf when the autumn moon is bright" illustrates that even the most seemingly devout person has this innate aspect and need.
The final lyrics, "the saints can't help me now... I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallow'd ground" says that she has accepted her inner beast, perhaps even embraced it, and would vulnerably tread before the powers condemning her to find her lover. The last lyric also brings the image of blood and dirt--but it's "hallow'd ground", so the soil is sacred and mixes with the lifeblood of human and beast alike.
Very cool.

loveitloveitloveit | Reviewer: jory p
    ------ About the song Kiss With A Fist performed by Florence + The Machine

this is MY JAM! It's like not about brutal domestic abuse or fighting between a couple but more so the back and fourth ridiculous verbal fights, jerking eachother around, just for a silly rise out of one another. it's about reckless love. the love i love to love. <3 i love florence & the machine too. her voice & their style of music is magic for me. audible sexxx if you would!

HOOOOOOWWWWL | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Howl performed by Florence + The Machine

this song is REALLY GOOD. to me its about a love shared between two young lovers that turns sour and makes her a beast. though she hungers for his love, she seems also wants vengeance for how he makes her feel. and thought this may end up as water under the bridge the memory will always remain bitter.

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