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When a pair of intelligent, visionary emcees joins forces
with a battle-hardened, groove-fusing rhythm section, a
classically trained violist, and a jazz trumpet player, the
result is a sound that explores and expands the frontiers
of live hip-hop. Progressive in both style and message,
the band's ability to drop from symphonic rock-infused
crescendos into stripped-down string-laden breakbeats has
earned Flobots a reputation for both originality and

After originally forming as a side project in 2005, Flobots More...

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Review about Flobots songs

MMHMMMM | Reviewer: mikemikemike
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

i think you guys are on the right track but missed a few things along the way. Consider what the handle bars are responsible for on a bike; they give the bike direction when operated by humans. Furthermore its not the handlebars that drive the bike forward; its the peddles. So basically a bike with no handlebars will continue to travel forward but with out a means of controlling the direction the bike takes. so perhaps consider the bike to be america basically plowing forward with out a means of controlling the direction the country takes. Just my personal opinion .. comments welcome .. cheers s

~~This is about Politics~~ | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

This is a great song about how politicians say all these crazy things to make themselves sound awesome and sometimes they're not true and they just say those things to make you vote for them and they get away with it. :D

Btw: I'm 12! Burn!!!!!!

Corruption | Reviewer: Kaiko
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

To me, this is about how intelegence and power lead to corruption. It starts with a child being a little out-of-the-ordinary, such as being able to do things that only adults can usualy, than as he/she moves through life realises how easy it is to sneak into the system and poison it. When you have a brain and can do things that other people can't it makes you feel unstopable, mostly because with enough support, you are. As the person grows up they start life, get a job, and innocently help by making things better, but after being given a position of power, it all goes to their head and they eventualy abuse it and take pleasure in making others miserable, just because they can.

Thought this was political | Reviewer: Colt
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

Flobots is super political and most of their music is in a critique of governmental systems. I think it's supposed to show the gap of the common man to those in power. That the US government takes more and more power in increments and now has become an almost all-powerful being capable of destroying humanity. So in summary, the governments gone from being a good friend, to a very scary power.

Amazin | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

this song is about a young emcee who is picked up one day one a corporate jet by his buddy who had been living in the future for 25 years, and he tells the emcee about his story and the emcee tells his friends and they form a band called flobots and tell everyone about the incident through their song, "handlebars" . obviously.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

i love this song. see, it's all about two dudes who were friends and they are bragging to each other about what they can do and the corporate friend goes insane with power and kills the laid back friend. kinda sad

Great song | Reviewer: Brandon
    ------ About the song Anne Braden performed by Flobots

Such an amazing song.

The spoken part she says; "It's the road to liberation." Not world deliberation.

And at the end of the first verse its:
Adolescence, comfort's gone
She never thought things would ever change,
But she always knew there was something wrong.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Laura
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

I love this song! I love how it has a meaning behind it, like how having too much power corrupts and how some people are greedy and never happy with what they have (driving and i won't stop). This song warns us that if we get too power-hungry the world will end in a holocaust.
Love it though. x]

story | Reviewer: olli m
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

this song can have many different meanings depending on how you interperet them

watch the video

it basically tells of two friends who choose different lifestyles

1. a man who stays with his family and friends and has an average job

2. a man who chooses the corporate life style

they tell eachother of what they can do or have done with their lives

then in the final verse the second man has become power hungry and tries to own everything

he invades his friends town where man 1 leads his friends and family against him

in the end the corporate man kills his friend

it then shows the two friends both back riding their bikes without handlebars

the brief story: how having too much power can corrupt and turn you into evil, ruin and destroy things you used to love

First Post! && Hidden Meaning | Reviewer: Roo
    ------ About the song Handlebars performed by Flobots

woooooo first post!

this song is effin amazing!
& its got a proper meaning to it;
it starts off with a little kid bragging about an innocent kid thing - riding a bike with no handlebars. And as the song goes through it goes to other innocent childlike things like 'me and my friends saw a platypus' and 'me and my friends made a comic book' and then it starts going on to big things like war basically. and the cute child has changed into a world dominating, power hungry man who can 'end a planet in a holocaust'
cute and innocent to completely evil...

video is even better...

love this song!!


Roo x

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