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Flo Rida Biography

Last updated: 07/28/2012 06:50:31 AM

Discovering new talent is often a daunting task; however, when the formula is complete, all parts, synergetic, the sky is the limit. With a noted machine behind him, coupled with his distinct originality, Flo Rida has captured the attention of many while simultaneously making significant impact early in the game. This reserved persona is a refreshing addition to the Poe Boy Entertainment family. Explosive on his tracks and indomitably riding his flow, FloRida is entrenched in the "Movement," which, yet again, dons Miami as a hub for endless talent; FloRida is primed to burst on to the scene with his versatile lyricism in tow.

FloRida's exceptional creativity-a fresh and energetic flow, escorted
by a melodic delivery- ensures there is never a dull moment. With a
tone analogous to that of Nelly and on par with the vivacity of
Outkast , FloRida's uniqueness will undoubtedly set him apart,
defying any standard expectations. Whether singing his hooks or
writing his own lyrics, this multi-talented artist embraces tenacity
like no other.

Recently returning from a three-year stint in Los Angeles, California,
the 24-year old Carol City, Florida native and former basketball
player is on a mission. He has always had a penchant for writing and
vibing to beats and being inspired by his family's musical influence.
As a 15-year old he began working with his brother-in law who, at the
time was involved with Miami's pioneer of bass music, Luke Skywalker-
founder of 2 Live Crew.

His focus and persistence are the direct result of realizing his
passion and a discernible revelation,
"When my sister passed away, I woke up and realized what I had to. As
the only boy of seven other siblings [sisters] and growing up without
my father, I realized that I needed to make the most of my time here
on earth. I want to utilize of all of my God-given talents and give
back in a way that others can benefit. My mother is so strong and I
admire her for her strength and showing me that by sacrifice and being
level-headed anything is possible."

In 2001, he hit the road, performing at shows with Fresh Kid Ice of 2
Live Crew. While amassing significant exposure nationwide, he garnered
the attention of DeVante Swing formerly of famed R&B group "Jodeci" as
well as "The Blind Boys of Alabama." As a result of this budding
relationship, FloRida departed to Los Angeles, California to work on
his music with them also along side the now reality TV star and Public
Enemy member, Flavor Flav and producer Rich Harrison.

"I had to leave school [UNLV and then Barry University] my music took
precedence, I had to do it full time if it was going to pop off. I
took a trip to LA to promote myself. I was literally on the streets--
at times, promoting myself by myself--- I always had the drive to push
own music… People tend you help you more when they see that you
promote yourself, they know your serious then."

FloRida captivates his audience with tales from the hood some of
which he has seen and experienced. His experiences are channeled
through a medium, which everyone from all backgrounds can relate to.

Additionally, FloRida has been a member of a home-grown group, "The
Groundhogs" since the 9th grade. FloRida, one of the group's four
members, is intent upon paving the way and opening doors for his
comrades. The name The Groundhogs FloRida says is significant because
"without being grounded, you have nothing to stand on and nothing
lasts long if you don't start from the ground up."

His versatility overflows into all aspects of his life. As a former
basketball player and all around athlete, who has dabbled in a bit of
acting, he is intentional in his quest to emerge as leader and an
inspiration to those from his neighborhood or those who might benefit
and learn from his example. He has taken heed of what could happen by
circumstance and in this case he is taking advantage of what destiny
already intends.

Signing to Miami's hottest record label, Poe Boy Entertainment in
early 2006, was a no brainer for FloRida. The independent record
label has demonstrated its ability to make things happen in and out of
the studio. (P.O.D, Cognito, Brisco, Jacki-O, Rick Ross, Carol City
Cartel and many more) Being supported by the marketing and managing
genius of Poe Boy Entertainment owner, E-Class and his team, presents
generous opportunity. He is suited up, ready to work and going for the