Flipsyde Lyrics

Piper - Vocals
Steve Knight - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dave Lopez - Electric and Acoustic Guitar
D-Sharp - DJ

Flipsyde's music is an unconventional, yet harmonious mix
of styles. The top and bottom of their innovative sound is
straight-up Hip Hop while the middle punches with Rock.
These parts are made whole through Piper's consummate MC
skills and stinging rhymes, Steve Knight's emotive voice
and adhesive melodies plus Dave Lopez' inspired
Latin-flavored flourishes of blazing guitar. Of course ...
Flipsyde is a natural amalgam in More...

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Review about Flipsyde songs
this song is so touching | Reviewer: nomsa
    ------ About the song Happy Birthday performed by Flipsyde

This song made me reallise that giving that precious lil' soul a chance 2 live is so important.I wish my friend could hev heard the song before she did what she did coz ryt now she is regretting ever living.She had 2 abortions and now she wanna get preg,but its not gonna work for her.If its gonna be me oneday,getting pregnant out of marriage,i'm gonna take care of the baby coz i kno i will also be taken care of by the kid in future.God bless you Flipsyde.

Reception in Poland | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Happy Birthday performed by Flipsyde

This is interesting this song is often played all around the world, including Poland (where I live) on pop radio stations and not many people really understand it. I heard it a number of times with a birthday dedication. It's funny cause people, including radio DJs only understand some English - Happy Birthday, not the whole message. I remember I was positively shocked when I realised what the song is about. Good song to promote pro-life position. Thanks!

Perfect in Everyway | Reviewer: Rachael
    ------ About the song Happy Birthday performed by Flipsyde

i found this song on a website and i broke down crying. i am absolutely in love with it. i am 19 and 6 months pregnant with a little girl. hearing this makes me realize that i am indeed making the right decision xoxo i wish every girl on here the best of luck and happiness in their lives...no matter what their decision is!

little angels | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Happy Birthday performed by Flipsyde

i think my girls preg. and i tell her to have it cuz if she were to have an abortion i would like cry and i would never forgive her. like i dont get why or how you could kill some thing so harmless. if she would ever do that it would kill me and i dont know what i would do with my life.

I cried listening to this | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Happy Birthday performed by Flipsyde

I had a obortion lyk a week &a half afta ma birthday , jus turned 16 , & found out I was pregnat by tha dude I've been w/fo a year,&when I found out all I could do was cry,in ma heartt I wanted it,I knew I was to young buh I knew tha baby would complete me I was going threw this stage where I was so unhappy,&I felt tha baby would love me&neva hurt me,I was scared ta tell anybody even ma boyfriend buh I told him&I cried ta him,I got my obortion ma mom&sisters came w/me,afta tha obortion ma mom said I coulda kepted it,buh it was to late,ma baby was gone foreva,its august 21 &I still cry this day,I think about if it was a girl or boy &all tha stuff it coulda beeen, I cry when ppl bring it up . I hate ma self fo killing someone so innocent !

thank you | Reviewer: HESHAM AL-RWHANI
    ------ About the song Someday performed by Flipsyde

Hisham hello name, in fact, I am an Arab song is distinct and terrible and beautiful words, won my admiration, we want the songs, rap and hip-hop with a meaningful message I hope the fact that the greetings Hisham
Thank you

happy birthday | Reviewer: Redzz
    ------ About the song Happy Birthday performed by Flipsyde

i think this is the sadest song. its so true in many wayz. when i found out i was pregnant i got scared and i decided i was goin to have an abortion but when i was driving i heard this song on the radio and i pulled over and started crying and i turned back went home and had my son dante on feb 21 2006

let it be a lessoned learned for me and everyone else who can relate | Reviewer: nikki
    ------ About the song Happy Birthday performed by Flipsyde

THIS SONG IS AMAAAAZZZING! BUT...i relate to this song in so many ways it makes me physically sick... when i was 16 i found out i was pregnant with someone i really care about and on my own i made the decision because he dint want part in wat i was thinkin and i went ahead and had an abortion.i mean wat kind of love and nurchuring can a 16 yr old kid give a baby?... and now im regreting it in so many ways... i'm now 18 and 2 weeks ago i thought i was pregnant again...i thought maybe i was gettin a second chance at giving the same baby life... but i found out i wasnt so it makes me feel like i'll never be forgiven. i listen to this song on repeat all the time ever since my friend showed it to me... and i cry everytime... i'm still with my boyfriend...its been 5 years now and if i wouldve known my future and that i'd still be with him... abortion wouldve never enterd my mind. i feel this is more of an apunishment to me than who wouldve been my baby for the simple fact that i have to live with it everyday in the bak of my head for the rest of my life... seriously gurls... let it be a lessoned learned. if were going to do an adult thing like having sex... we must also take on the adult responsibilities...

Happy Birthday | Reviewer: chantel
    ------ About the song Happy Birthday performed by Flipsyde

I absolutly love this song but at the same time i hate it. It is a very good song but very sad. I agree with what he says...i am totally against abortion unless certain reasons... like rape or something severilly wrong with you or the baby.... well Peace all

Awesome | Reviewer: Aiex
    ------ About the song Someday performed by Flipsyde

Accoustic guitar solo was brilliant, i love rock, and rap. and wow this was a nice fusion of the two, very differnt from linkin park, and limpbizkit. Much props to Flipsyde, keep making that great music.

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