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Lil' B Flexin Maybach (Remix) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/10/2012 08:26:15 AM

Throw them cents up, throw them cents up
Throw them cents up, throw them cents up
Throw them guns up, throw them cents up
This a maze girl party, based boy
Bitch I flex Bentley and I flex Maybach
These niggas ain’t my friends, I already know that
Ya already know thi Glassface, it’s Lil B

These niggas ain’t my friends when I’m dealin with ends
If I was in the pen niggas would love me to death
But they wouldn’t write shit and they want 6’s
So it’s fuck them niggas and fuck them bitches
She layin back, in here for my bitches
Never sold out as Lord is my witness
Niggas keep it real, I’ll respect these bitches
Bitch lyin, cookin dope in the kitchen
Tell me these niggas holdin extensions
G full 5 cuz you know that I’m trippin
56 bitches and they call me Scottie Pippen
I’mma flex dirty, I’mma be a young nigga
Slingin that birdie, catch me in the hood
Bitch, and I’m totin that 30
Call me Mr. Magic, I’mma tell you bout your everything
Bitch I’m the boss, I ain’t gon flex
2 way bitch and I ain’t talkin bout the sex
I’mma tell you this, I’mma player with the tact
I’mma be a bitch, I’mma play for respect
Mhm, I’m player that

I’mma call bitches, I’ve got that yea
4-54 with that fuckin hatchback
126 numbers, how you love that?
Call me Glassface, no servin

Bitch, fuck with me, ya ain’t murkin me