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FORMED: 1967, London, England

While there are those that would argue that one of the
greatest bands in rock & roll has never been away . . .
while there are those who would insist the group is alive
and well, as long as somewhere in the world, someone is
playing a copy of Rumours . . . while no one could contest
that Mac music sounds as fresh and full of surprises today
as it did the moment it was minted . . . all this, and
more, considered ­ The Mac is still back.

"Mac," in this case, of course, refers to the
once-in-a-lifetime More...

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Review about Fleetwood Mac songs
This has been my song to my dad since I was little | Reviewer: Crystal lynn
    ------ About the song Landslide performed by Fleetwood Mac

I have always thought an song this song to my dad. It was our song an has a special spot in my heart. He has always taught me the ways to live an helped me climb mountain an helped me w life struggles threw life... My dad passed away a month ago today an I don't know how to go on without him.. I literally built my life around him.I did everything an became who I am today for him. I don't know where to go from here his lose has saddened me I am was a true daddy girl.. He will b with me forever in my heart an in this song.. My daddy o was my life but I know I must carry on an walk my own mountains but I know his reflection will b steps behind me everywhere I go... THIS IS FOR U DADDY.. Love ur little girl Crystal Geneva Lynn.. Rest in peace Michael David Judkins.. My superman xoxo

This One's For You, Daddy! | Reviewer: Doug
    ------ About the song Landslide performed by Fleetwood Mac

I am a 60+ man. I have two daughters, I just listened to these lyrics closely for the first time after hearing this song about two hundred times. The opening "This is for you Daddy" always brings me in. My younger daughter is a poet and this sounds like something she'd write. It seems to bring comfort and connection to a lot of people including me! My daughters are both grown now and I sometimes think of the way they were when little. Those were especially meaningful times for me and I, hope, for them!

SAM | Reviewer: Kelly
    ------ About the song Landslide performed by Fleetwood Mac

This was one of my son's favorite songs. He passed away suddenly at the age of 17, and I miss him each day. When I hear this song, it reminds me so much of him, and I find comfort as I listen to it. What beautiful lyrics, and especially meaningful to me now. He loved music and playing the guitar. I wish I would've have listened to him more instead of worrying so much about all the things I needed to get done all the time. I can never get that time back. I miss you Sam. <3

Uplifting | Reviewer: Faye
    ------ About the song Don't Stop performed by Fleetwood Mac

bringing us closer, my husband and I go to karaoke night, this will be our second time this coming Saturday and want to do a song and this is perfect.

I always like Fleetwood Mac and 'Don't stop' is one of my favorites. To me this is a spiritual lift whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed and crying, I either listen to the song or I sing the lyrics and takes me out of the funk mood and mt soul feels energized.

Heartbreaking | Reviewer: Amelia
    ------ About the song I'm So Afraid performed by Fleetwood Mac

This song is incredible... It drove me to tears the first time I ever heard it and is one of the best songs of all time. Lindsey Buckingham's dark vocals and amazing guitar playing turn a good song into a truly great one, as well as the stunning Stevie Nicks' beautiful backing vocals. I just love this song so so much.

Deep & Spiritual | Reviewer: Dwayne
    ------ About the song Sara performed by Fleetwood Mac

We named our daughter after this song, sadly she wasn't with us for long but will always live on in our hearts & memories. When I hear this song it takes me to a special place in my heart, I dream of the day we will all be together again.

my song that describes my life | Reviewer: Kari Lynnette Medcalf
    ------ About the song Storms performed by Fleetwood Mac

I love this song,I play it over and over. My dad was murdered when I was 9,on Stevies Birthday 22 years ago. It brings me peace. I named my daughter Sara.I just want Stevie to know she is my peace of mind,next to God.Amen. stevie,if u get this message,please let me know. My number is 4052749686,i live in oklahoma.I Love u!

Best last song on an Album ever? | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song Gold Dust Woman performed by Fleetwood Mac

Wow! What starts off as minimalist ode to cocaine, turns into musical glory at the end - rhoads, harpsichord, dobro, electric guitar, glass breaking - intense. It's almost as if it ends too soon.

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Landslide performed by Fleetwood Mac

I am 13 and I love this song. It tells of so many stuggles and ups and downs in life. I knew how to pay it on guiter before I knew the lyrics, and one day I pulled up the tabs and fell in love with the poetic way the song was written. I can realte to it a fair bit because iI feel that this year everything is changing for example next year I go to highschool, and I was just diagnosed with an injurey that might preent me from competing ever again. So ya

Perfect fit | Reviewer: Sara
    ------ About the song Sara performed by Fleetwood Mac

I am a published poet and was named after this song. My "mother" listened to this while pregnant with me and I was named this way. We aren't close so I would like to dedicate this to my friends who took me in while I was in high school and raised me. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be me. I love you mama Cheynne and Daddy Danny. <3

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