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Jean-François Molenbeek

"Earl Scruggs joined Bill Monroe's bluegrass boys in 1945,
and there met lead singer Lester Flatt, where they helped
to define what we have since come to know as the sound of
bluegrass music. Flatt and Scruggs left Monroe's band in
1948, and went on to record some of bluegrass music's best
known classics, with a prolific career More...

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Review about Flatt and Scruggs songs
second verse ''who will sing for me'' | Reviewer: fred gragg
    ------ About the song Who Will Sing For Me performed by Flatt and Scruggs

so i ll sing till the end and helpful try to be . assured,that some friend, will sing one song for me

The correct lycrics to The East Bound Train. | Reviewer: Janet Bohm
    ------ About the song East Bound Train performed by Flatt and Scruggs

This is the correct lyrics for The Eastbound Train: The eastbound train was crowded one cold December day the conductor shouted tickets! in his old time fashion way. A little girl sat silent her hair was bright as gold, she said I have no ticket and then her story told. My father he's in prison he's lost his eyesight so they say I've come to beg his pardon this cold December day. My mother's home a toiling trying hard to earn our bread, my father he's in prison blind and almost dead. My brother and my sister would be so very glad if I could only bring back my poor old dear blind dad.The conductor could not answer he could not make a reply, but reaching up and wiping a tear out of his eye.He said "God bless you little one, just stay right where you are you'll never need a ticket while I am on this car.

bubbling in my soul | Reviewer: david hart
    ------ About the song Bubbling In My Soul performed by Flatt and Scruggs

please may i have the lyrics for this song=i need it soon thank you ==dave

on the rock where moses stood | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song On The Rock Where Moses Stood performed by Flatt and Scruggs

I need to know the lyrics and hear the melody to "on the rock where Moses stood".

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