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Flatt and Scruggs Biography

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Here is a short biography of Flatt & Scruggs, from Bluegrass Lyrics <>

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Jean-Fran├žois Molenbeek

"Earl Scruggs joined Bill Monroe's bluegrass boys in 1945, and there met lead singer Lester Flatt, where they helped to define what we have since come to know as the sound of bluegrass music. Flatt and Scruggs left Monroe's band in 1948, and went on to record some of bluegrass music's best known classics, with a prolific career extending into the late 1960's. Flatt and Scruggs also had a several commercial successes which, for better or worse, established bluegrass stereotypes in the minds of the American public, with songs such as the Beverley Hillbillies theme song and the Bonnie and Clyde movie soundtrack. Lester Flatt died in 1979, and Earl Scruggs continues to play infrequently to this day."

And what about listing one of the great (and long forgotten) ole timers, Jimmy Murphy (1925-1978) ?

"This guy is a true throwback to the great old late-Forties to early-Fifties country music. There's none of that modern Nashville sound that, as Bill Monroe might say, "ain't no part of nuthin'." Murphy embodies many of the qualities of Hank Williams and the Louvin Brothers (the title song, "Electricity," recalls the Louvin Brothers' "The Great Atomic Power"), with a smooth picking style that at times recalls Merle Travis. The themes are all of another time, as well. Jimmy Murphy ain't the least bit afraid of dying, because he knows he'll meet his Sweet Jesus when he does. Murphy includes a healthy sampling of old Hank Williams-style blues, and a healthy sampling of "Sweet Jesus"-themed songs as well as a "Stomp."

"All but two of these songs were penned or arranged by Martin. Some of these songs are not politically correct by today's standards. "Mother, Where is Your Daughter Tonight" points to the mother's failure to whip the daughter when she wanted her way as a child as the reason the daughter is now out "destroying her life drinkin' whiskey and beer." If you really and truly like that old Hank Williams and Louvin Brothers stuff, you'll love this. If you are among the uninitiated, you might find this release just a little bit scary or surreal."

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