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Five Star Prison Cell Biography

Last updated: 02/22/2005 09:11:59 PM

You want metal in your face? Get a gob-full of this! Spasmodic yet calculated, Five Star Prison Cell patrol the parallel between The Dillinger Escape Plan and Mr.Bungle, adding a unique flavor not yet tasted by the metal population in need of a little extra spice.

Explosive, innovative, a touch bizarre... The debut album "The Complete First Season" is set to push Five Star Prison Cell into the upper echelons of Oz Metal! In what some see as a kind of international coup, the band were able to secure the brilliance of revered artist Seldon Hunt, who is also responsible for cover art with such noise greats as Isis, Neurosis and KK Null.

Featuring the talents of vocal contortionist Adam Glynn (formerly of Frankenbok) and backed by some of the country's finest technical metal exponents, the lads are preparing a national onslaught of kooky brutality throughout 2005.

"The Complete First Season" out Feb 14th 2005 on Faultline Records thru Shock.

Catch them live on the FAULTLINE RECORDS SHOWCASE TOUR! March 3rd @ Goo in Melbourne, March 4th @ Enigma in Adelaide and March 10th @ The Marquee in Sydney!