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Kirk Franklin First Love Lyrics

Last updated: 08/12/2011 11:00:00 AM

I know they hurt you
They saw you stumble but didn't help you
And now they left you
They were quick to pray but slow to move

And now you're empty
Too tired to run, you walk away
In the night there's a voice
If you listen He sweetly says

Come back to your first love (first love [2x])
Come back home, back where you belong
Come (to your [2x]) first love

You didn't make it
You thought your love would last forever
Ain't it funny how a chapter can make a story change
Cold and lonely, you never knew hurt could feel this way
Understand there's a plan if you're patient
Hear the savior say

God is able to heal if you listen
And He'll show you His will if you listen
But you gotta be still and just listen, listen

Come back to your first love, first love [4x]
I'm back with my first love , first love [4x]

Home… Home… Home… I'm Home [repeat]

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Father love | Reviewer: Akinboyo | 8/12/11

I wonder why He Loves me,kept me,this me too dirty he wash,rugged Me He calm,if it was me alone on earth (He will still die).Wonder what kind of Love is this?Now He builds the Hollies of Hollies.Am the Apple of His Eye.Am back all for Your Lord

trurh | Reviewer: Tammra Jones | 2/20/08

God loves the sinner but never the sin,only he can judge you, so dont ever think that there is anything you can do that God wont forgive you of.He sent his only son to die for us cause he already knew how his children were before we were ever created.Come back to your fisrt love always.

i love God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

God is the way please believe..if you dont ask God 4 a sign and i promise you he will come thru 4 u i can put my life on it..dnt jke around b sinsere wen u ask nd i qurantee you wont b dissapointed..if you have questions dat need 2 b answered God has all the answers so u need not worry any more coz u have bin searchin 4 d answers nd im tellin u of sum1 hu can give u them..listen to this tune properly..kiita.xmy name is nikita nd im finding my way back to God nd i hope you can follow..God loves us all no matter what i have learnt this 4 my self..God bless evry1.xXx