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Queens Of the Stone Age First It Giveth Lyrics

Last updated: 09/01/2011 11:00:00 AM

I'm in you
You're in me
I can't tell

You're so cruel
More than me
It is true
That's right

Loyal to
Only you
Up your sleeve

I want some (come on, take it)
of all of you (it's yours)
Trickin me

First it giveth
Then it taketh away [x4]

I would beg
I would plead
I would shake

On a hook
By the way

I'm so young
And beautiful
(That's right)
(I'm slick)
I'm no fool

Time goes by
Tables turn
Now I know

First it giveth
Then it taketh away [x6]
awaaaaaaayyyyyy, awaaaaaaaaayyyyy, oh

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qotsa dont ever fade away | Reviewer: Effector | 8/31/11

this song is entirely astounding! deym!! queens of the stone age maketh sound that invokes an experience thats from an altogether new dimension of subtle eerie melancholy. i feel gifted to be conscious and aware of this realm where QOTSA subsists. 3 fokin cheers!

amazing | Reviewer: lisa | 5/30/09

this song has a more personal meening in my life. having a friend pass away from cancer at just the age of 17. She chose this to be played at her funeral and it had a great impact on the whole day just as she would have wanted. Now reading the lyrics i have a better understanding of how my gorgeous friend might have been feeling. She was so young, and so beautiful but was being taken away from this world and there was nothing she could do. Everytime i hear this song it reminds me of my friend, although sometimes its a sad reminder i take comfort in the fact that she enjoyed the song and could express herself through it even after she was gone.

love you forever babydoll