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Fireside Biography

Last updated: 08/27/2003 10:06:18 PM

Fireside were formed in 1992 by Frans Johansson (bass), Per Nordmark (drums), Krisofer Astrom (vocals, guitar) and Pelle Gunnerfeldt (guitar). Based in Lulea, in the far north of Sweden above the Polar Circle, each member of the group had formerly played in sundry local punk and alternative outfits. Their first EPs were released through the small independent label A West Side Fabrication, before they signed to Stockholm-based label Startrec in the spring of 1995. An international recording contract was then secured with American Recordings when Swedish native and American Recordings A&R executive Johan Kugelberg returned home on a holiday trip. With a sound regularly compared to the more muscular end of the alternative rock spectrum (Henry Rollins, Fugazi), the group made its breakthrough with their 1996 Pelle Gunnerfeldt-produced long-playing debut, Do Not Tailgate. This won them several Swedish Album Of The Year awards in magazines such as Aftonbladet, Slitz and Expressen. They also won a 1996 Swedish Grammy for Best Hard Rock Band, announcing the start of what many observers have agreed may be a very promising career.