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Pillar Fireproof Lyrics

Last updated: 06/08/2011 11:00:00 AM

Here's a chance to show you how I feel
A chance for you to see it's real
To see just what I feel inside and who it is that's by my side
I will never change my mind
Try to torch me and you'll find
You can't turn me or deter me
No matter how you try
You can't burn me

I know where I stand and what'll happen if you try it
I know my heart and I just can't deny it
I tried to tell you but you wouldn't be quiet
I'll never bow down and you won't buy it

Now you know what I'm all about
There's no chance I'll ever doubt
The only one who can control me
I extol the Almighty
You want me to put it on the line
And give yield to you this time
See but I won't compromise and I realize
It's my time to rise


You'll never take me in the fire
You'll never take my own desire

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ECCH! | Reviewer: O&A Virus | 6/8/11

O: You know what this song needs? Lyrics about pussy.

A: You aren't going to Heaven playing this.
J: Yeah you're not going to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame either.

J: Christians, stay out of rock. I'm not saying you're bad people, but in the fun department, you rate right below rectal itch.

meag cool | Reviewer: samantha | 6/4/07

it is cool i actully made a guy falll on love with me because of that song.

rawr!! | Reviewer: Amanda Jean | 4/30/07

ohmigoodness gracious!! i love this song!!! my youth minister's band reflect the son does a cover of it and i love it!!!!