Firehouse Lyrics

In 1991 Firehouse accepted the American Music Award as the
Best New Hard Rock/Metal band, chosen over both Nirvana and
Alice In Chains. Well in 1999, Firehouse continues to make
"American Rock and Roll", forging ahead with their own
signature style. Some of us may remember them as one of the
many "Hair Bands" but if you've had a chance to listen to
their latest album Category 5 you will realize they are
much more than a cookie cutter image and sound. Talented,
melodic, and a lot of fun, Firehouse epitomize American
Rock music. Here's More...

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Submit Firehouse New Lyrics

Review about Firehouse songs
For my husband | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love of a Lifetime performed by Firehouse

I met this guy more that 11 years ago. I know he love me so much that he went out of his comfort zone just to fulfill my dreams. He sacrificed by giving up everything just to provide what he thinks I deserve. We got married and have a kid. Except from giving birth to our child, I never had difficulties all throughout my pregnancy until finally being a mother. As time past, we had misunderstanding due to lifestyle differences. Hard days came across, my love was nearing to fade away. We are almost drifting apart. I am trying to hold on...trying to keep the love burning but everytime I got hurt my heart go crashing until I just realized that I have given up.

One day, out of the blue this song came across my mind. I first heard this song when I was with him in the place where we decided to fulfill our dreams. Infront the Fountain of Wealth, i promised myself to be with him for the rest of my life.

I hope someday, he will read this message. I am still struggling to relight the love we once had.

To you: I am still willing to give our love a chance. I hope I would be with you on the last breath I will take. I am so sorry for my shortcomings.

To Her | Reviewer: tingku khundrakpam
    ------ About the song I Live My Life for You performed by Firehouse

Daina Achom, I live my life for you
I will be there always for you
This dedication is a message to you that I still love you
Even you are far away from me you I'll be waiting for you
And I'm still waiting for your return
Hope you see this.................your Datrue

Aichi A Sangma | Reviewer: Aichi Sangma
    ------ About the song Here for You performed by Firehouse

Oh how I luv diz song . Diz song is amazing I feel like hearing it thousands time and diz song make me think of someone and makes me emotion.Thanks Firehouse .

To my one and only loved one <3 | Reviewer: Rhea Pili
    ------ About the song When I Look Into Your Eyes performed by Firehouse

I'm inlove with dis song . I ddicated dis song to my ex - boyfriend who made my life completely ..but sad to say .he is with another qurl na ..awtsuu .. I really miss him .. I want you back .

love this song and is weird dedication for me | Reviewer: Katrina
    ------ About the song Love of a Lifetime performed by Firehouse

most people have dedicated this song to their spouse but it means something different for me. I lost my first child to adoption and when I had my 2nd I would and still do sin it to him and hes almost 8 yrs old now. my child is my "love of a lifetime" and always will be, he is the most important thing in my life and more important then any man could ever be! this is my dedication to him and is such a cool song that I've loved since it was released and I'm 35 now so I was young when I first heard it :)

hon - nash ( happy valentines day) | Reviewer: jovelyn lagnada
    ------ About the song When I Look Into Your Eyes performed by Firehouse

i like this song because 1 year ago. when me and my bf is on a relationship, everytime when we are together he play his guitar and singing in my front! =) i <3 him. so much , and these is our themesong. pero hindi na kami ngayun ... heheh pero its ok.

Our theme song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I Look Into Your Eyes performed by Firehouse

My husband (then boyfriend) made a CD for me & titled this song as the Theme song of our love story when we first started dating each other. It describes our feelings precisely when we finally found each other! Now we are happily married for 02 years, our love has evolved in to something more deep! But this song still remains OUR theme song!

memories | Reviewer: Robin
    ------ About the song When I Look Into Your Eyes performed by Firehouse

a year ago we were in my car, she was sitting on my lap while we were listening to this song at the beach, it was the perfect moment, and i could never forget it. but i was stupid and selfish, and yea she left me and moved from the town. and now i dont even know where she is. idk how to say it, but im missing her like hell

second dedication by my love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I Look Into Your Eyes performed by Firehouse

My two year boyfriend actually dedicated this song to me. And since then, it has been so special. I am in love with this song. :) I pray to god that we last forever. Always in love with you, S. :)

The sweet of rock music | Reviewer: Tourangbam Sanalemba khaba
    ------ About the song Don't Treat Me Bad performed by Firehouse

In my life I once heard this song on the radio.As it was for the first time, I searched and found it through the Internet.It is an awesome lyrics, I love it.The sequence is beautiful.The part I love most is the instrumental music viz. electric guitar,drums,bass etc. I have nothing to say but only a lover of it.

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