Firehouse Albums

  • O2 Album (9/7/2006)
    Take It Off
    The Dark
    Don't Fade On Me
    I'd Rather Be Making Love
    What You Can Do
    I'm In Love This Time
    Loving You Is Paradise
    Call Of The Night

  • Prime Time Album (8/22/2004)
    Prime Time
    Door to Door
    Perfect Lie
    Holding On
    Body Language
    I'm the One
    Take Me Away
    Home Tonight
    Let Go

  • Bring 'Em out Live Album (7/18/2000)
    Acid Rain
    All She Wrote
    Bringing Me Down
    Don't Treat Me Bad
    Don't Walk Away
    Here for You
    Hold Your Fire
    I Live My Life for You
    Love of a Lifetime
    Lover's Lane
    Overnight Sensation
    Reach For the Sky
    When I Look Into Your Eyes

  • Category 5 Album (10/19/1999)
    Can't Stop the Pain
    Acid Rain
    Bringing Me Down
    Get Ready
    If It Changes
    The Day, the Week, and the Weather
    The Nights Were Young
    Have Mercy
    I'd Do Anything
    Life Goes On

  • Good Acoustics Album (10/8/1996)
  • 3 Album (4/11/1995)
  • Firehouse 3 Album (4/11/1995)
  • Hold Your Fire Album (6/16/1992)
  • Firehouse Album (8/1/1991)

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    Album of Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Firehouse 3 performed by Firehouse

    My sister loved this album, so I decided to borrow it. The second I did, I got sick. I lay in bed for a week, and all I had the energy to do was play this CD over and over again. By the time I got well, the songs were in my bones. This CD was such a memorable experience, and it still is. I strongly recommend it. And don't tell me you're too young for this stuff... I was 10 when I heard it. And I loved it. It's been another decade since, and it's never left me. Find this album, and get your hands on it.

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