Fiona Apple Albums

  • The Idler Wheel... Album (7/19/2012)
    Every Single Night
    Left Alone
    Anything We Want
    Hot Knife
    Bonus Track

  • Extraordinary Machine Album (10/4/2005)
    Extraordinary Machine
    Get Him Back
    O' Sailor
    Better Version Of Me
    Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song)
    Parting Gift
    Oh Well
    Please Please Please
    Red Red Red
    Not About Love
    Waltz (Better Than Fine)

  • When The Pawn Album (11/9/1999)
    On The Bound
    To Your Love
    Love Ridden
    Paper Bag
    A Mistake
    Fast As You Can
    The Way Things Are
    Get Gone
    I Know

  • Tidal Album (7/23/1996)
    Sleep To Dream
    Sullen Girl
    Slow Like Honey
    The First Taste
    Never Is A Promise
    The Child Is Gone
    Pale September

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    Reviews about Fiona Apple albums

    the best album evet | Reviewer: angel whitt
        ------ About the album When The Pawn performed by Fiona Apple

    i loved the album. i got it when i was a teen and it was on repeat for the whole thing all the time. its something that us open girls can connect with. i have looked all over the net for the songs to download to cd but cant find them for that purpose unless i have a credit card, which i dont lol. any ways i love the music the beat and the lyrics. this cd made me a big fan

    Worth the wait.... need a new one! | Reviewer: Dresden
        ------ About the album Extraordinary Machine performed by Fiona Apple

    Keep in mind that I adore Fiona Apple, so I am somewhat biased in my opinion of this album. However, I honestly think is an amazing album. With soulful lyrics, each song on the album takes you to exactly what Fiona is feeling and lets you in on a storytelling, powerful adventure. My motto in life actually come from this album. From "Please Please Please" ~ (My method is uncertain. It's a mess, but it's working. ~ K. Enough said. Listen to this album!

    I Need You Like A Drug | Reviewer: Tammy Chapman
        ------ About the album Tidal performed by Fiona Apple

    This is one of, if not the best song I have ever heard and actually been able to relate myself to.

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