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Finley Quaye Biography

Last updated: 03/16/2001 04:45:11 AM

When Finley Quaye burst onto the British Music scene in 1997 his debut album Maverick A Strike quickly established him as one of the few truly innovative artists around. Providing hits such as Sunday Shining, Even After All and the much lauded Ultra Stimulation EP, Maverick was a groundbreaking record that defined the summer of 1997 and beyond, winning Finley a Brit for Best Male Artist in '98.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and the Maverick strikes back. The new album is "Vanguard". The single is "Spiritualized" - something of a departure from previous encounters - a rolling, rumbling track about love, life and learning.

The rule book is gone. Finley has embarked on a musical journey. Breaking down boundaries before they exist. Redefining himself and in doing so challenging what we know and understand. Smelting digital with the past and present to make the new sound of now.

With the album "Vanguard"- "it describes my position, my lyrics and music at this time in this country" - Finley has gone back to basics and discovered the future, through the way he has written and recorded this album and in the instruments he has chosen. Starting with guitar he has kept it very simple, picking out the suggestive chords and guiding the words with his soul. In doing so Finley has created "Vanguard", which more than lives up to it's name; 12 tracks of rich texture, depth, pure quality and originality.