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Darryl Worley Find Me Lyrics

Last updated: 08/03/2009 12:00:00 PM

Find Me
(Darryl Worley/Don Poythress/Wynn Varble)

I've looked high and low
I've searched near and far
And after all this time
Still I don't know where you are
I've done all I know to do
So girl, I guess it's up to you

Find me
Baby, I've been waiting
Everyday I'm praying you'll find me
Lost in all this lonely
Longing for you only, baby, please find me

At least a thousand times
I've seen you in my dreams
Standing there alone
Just barely out of reach
But in the early morning light
I wake up again and cry

Repeat Chorus:

Find me

Repeat Chorus:

Find me
Oh, find me
Thanks to Harvey Collins for submitting Find Me Lyrics.