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The Butterfly Effect Filling Silence Lyrics

Last updated: 03/25/2008 12:00:00 PM

Safe... Only for you
On the edge of the dark
Where no one can find you
Breathe... extinguish the spark
Are you hiding from something
No self... Reflecting in scene

When I feel you lost inside me
darkness blinds me now that I feel you,
I've now that I feel you, I

Exit the empty
exist... where nothing was found
where no one can find me
I'll go... softly without a sound

Will I find you lost inside me
silence I'll be
now that I feel you, I've
now that I feel you, I

Drifting inside
Closing my eyes
Till the pain died
given in to you
I've given in to you, I...

Feel you now...
And I feel you, I...
I feel you... I...
Feel you, I...

*This is the bit where Clint sings REALLY high like an angel!*

Feel you, I..
Now I have gone in to you
All that remains I know...
Is the silence thats filling me now..
Can you hear me... NO!

Empty I Am
Filling Silence..

(c) 2003 The Butterfly Effect
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