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Cuando despiertes un día
Y sientas que no puedes más
Que en el nombre del de arriba
Tu vida van a manejar

Si sientes que el miedo se pega a tu piel
Por ser comunero y justicia querer
Si te rindes hermano, por ti nunca pensarás

Cuando vayan a pedirte
Los diezmos a fin de mes
Y la Santa Inquisición
Te "invite" a confesar

Por eso amigo tú alza la voz
Di que nunca pediste opinión
Si es verdad que existe un Dios
Que trabaje de sol a sol

Ponte en pie
Alza el puño y ven
A la fiesta pagana
En la hoguera hay de beber

De la misma condición
No es el pueblo ni un señor
Ellos tienen el credo
Y nosotros nuestro sudor

Si no hay pan para los tuyos
Y ves muy gordo al abad
Si su virgen viste de oro

Cómo van a silenciar
Al jilguero o al canario
Si no hay cárcel ni tumba
Para el canto libertario

Ponte en pie
Alza el puño y ven
A la fiesta pagana
En la hoguera hay de beber

De la misma condición
No es el pueblo ni un señor
Ellos tienen el credo
Y nosotros nuestro sudor

Ponte en pie
Alza el puño y ven
A la fiesta pagana
En la hoguera hay de beber

De la misma condición
es el pueblo ni un señor
Ellos tienen el credo
Y nosotros nuestro sudor

Ponte en pie
Alza el puño y ven
A la fiesta pagana
En la hoguera hay de beber

De la misma condición
es el pueblo y un Señor
Ellos tienen el credo
Y nosotros nuestro sudor


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lol | Reviewer: Rocio Mendez | 1/30/13

This song is clearly about Catholicism. During the Spanish inquisition non Catholics were killed, at the time non Catholics were either Jews or pagans. This song is not necessarily attacking all religion or Christianity in particular but rather the catholic faith and its ridiculousness. I for one think this song is on point with its message, it doesn't take a genius to figure out its about Catholicism (virgen, diezmos, Inquisición
all catholic)

ahahahahahahah!!!!!!! | Reviewer: italiano | 8/8/12

I live in the country where the people is still convinced that church and religion are the same l'italia!!!!!!!!! muerte a la ciudad vaticana!!!!!!!!!!

It IS about money and religion | Reviewer: Rodrigo | 5/15/10

Well, I'm also mexican and I agree with Mario; in Latin American cultures the church was used to help keep the lower classes under control, and were exploited by the upper classes. The phrase "ellos tienen el credo y nosotros nuestro sudor" clearly makes a reference to this, so it does criticize the catholic church. The song also inspires those of lower classes to confront this reality, be proud of whom they are and revolt against those on top."Si no hay cárcel ni tumba para el canto libertario"

i am still laughing at some of the comments | Reviewer: disbelieving side of agnostic | 2/14/10

I somewhat agree with Mario. This IS about money, but it also criticizes the church (the church, not god) and the people who waste their time praying to get what they want instead of working to gain what they need. Some of the other reviewers just don't get the meaning of this song, which is kind of pathetic, considering how explicit this is in comparition to some other songs. "ellos tienen el credo y nosotros nuestro sudor" Most 9-year-olds (who speak spanish) would correctly interpret this phrase. Oh, and I'm Mexican, btw.

It's not about religion | Reviewer: Mario | 1/29/10

It's an analogy to MONEY, that's what the virgin in GOLDEN DRESS means. It's about POWERFUL people using RELIGION to KEEP POWER. The ones that ask you to KEEP the system the way it is, as exclusive and immoral as it is. I don't see this song as ANTI-CATHOLIC or ANTI-CRHISTIAN at all. These are all analogies.

You'll find this way of thinking especially in latin america, where I am from. It's great to see fluent spanish as a second language speakers. Cheers to all of you.

what i think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/09

i think that all of you are rigt but i mean thanks to church many people steel alive and yes mabe church stuf is a lie but if you want something and you figt for it you can acomplish any thing now the song you have to admit its really cool but it also have sertant thing that htey should not say but anny who it does not have ro afect us because everione has a diff point ofg view it like saying the way youthink if t he cup is half empty or half full

catholocism | Reviewer: kiki | 9/27/09

please people it's about catholocism, because most probable that they didn't look into other religions so don't say it's all about religions in general but it is about catholocism. who else has virgens dressed in gold? literally they do... who was in for the inquisition? don;t know? catholic church. look into the history of galileo. usan el diezmo como beneficio para ellos cuando dicen que lo usaran para los pobres o usan mas pretextos para "arreglar" la iglesia.

There is a God, most benfecient and most merciful.

wow | Reviewer: cris | 5/15/09

wow i lovd this song i am hispanic fluent speaker never eally listened to the wrds i am i Christian have been all my life now i dnt agree with wut the lyrics say bk not all are the same first we dnt believe n the Virgen.... so no gold dressed virgen and we dont ask for diesmos only if u can so by them saying that all we do is ask for money there wrnd but still like the beat .. ha

Burn in hell mtf!!! | Reviewer: Anticlerical | 12/17/08

Learn about spanish dumb. the church, every kind of church is a way to control your minds. The Bible and the Vangels were written by men for keep safe the status quo of dominants classes. God don't need churches or priests that in his name move wars, incite to racism and hate among mankind. Religions are slavery, not the way for the love of god.

You Know | Reviewer: anonymus | 12/5/08

If you say you know how to read spanish or you undertand it then all of you bunch of non-spanish understanders need to look at the mean of the whole song.
I totally agree with the song,stupid people that think that there is a god who listen to all of your bull... This song talks about opening your eyes to understands that instead of wait to god to help they must stand up and fight for their rights

well.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/08

first of all.. there are still people dieing this very moment because of religion.. india, anywhere.. i really like this song and believe that RELIGION is a bunch of Bull.. people telling you how to live your life and following this book that god himself never wrote, just a whole mess of normal people like you and me.. i dont believe in the bible but i do believe in one god.

Can we forgive that? | Reviewer: Jan | 9/20/08

This is a very good song. The Roman catholic church did terrible things, they converted and massacred people, and still they corrupt poor families of poor countries to become catholic. I can't forgive nor tolerate people who believe that priest and missionaries do a lot of bright actions, because it's not true. And is a fool fact that cathholic church still exist when we call ourselves heralds of human rights.

Cool song, but just one thing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/08

This is a very good song. I liked the sound even before I knew what it was about. People have done terrible things in the name of religion, yes. I'm christian btw.

"all the fathers and people that work for church (is a real good bussines) are a piece of shit, raping children and stealing money from poor people." Congratulations on making a stupid stereotype. Yes there are some church workers that are like that, but to say that all are like that is just ignorant.

this is stupid | Reviewer: | 3/27/08

it is a good song, actually it is the best song i have ever heard, but it also criticizes god for something that some mindless catholic people did, and I just want to tell you all that not all people who believe in god are like that, we Christians(not mindless catholic thieves and rapers) love the whole world, including does who hate us!

Yeah well.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/08

It's true that Inquisition did a lot of stupid things in the past. But because they said that they were like "the hand of god" to make "justice", doesn't mean that god ordered them to do that. In fact as they are humans they do mistakes. An institution doesn't always represent the thought of common people (sometimes they don't even represent a minimal part). Like when USA attacked Iraq... the goverment sent soldiers to slaughter people, and as you could see back then, even americans were agaisnt it. And the world forgave america... even with that huge mistake they did. And so other mistakes that have been forgiven.

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