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[Music: Herman Li, Sam Totman, Lyrics: Herman Li, Sam Totman]

Can you feel the pain inside sometimes in my mind?
In the land of loneliness the seas of blood run cold
Is the feeling lost inside within the sins of all mankind?
Time after time we stood united on we go

Fly far away don't let the world pass you by
Live for the day when we must stand and survive
Now we face the judgment day our souls will feel the pain
Hear the screams of my world through the rain

Silent fields of despair my tears in the rain
Pain in my heart bleeding through
One day we'll be back for one moment in time
Endlessly searching for you...

Who can cure my emptiness inside for this time?
Suffering from loneliness my dreams and hopes will die
No more feelings left inside my blackened heart I cannot hide
Time after time our souls divided on we cry

Fly far away don't leave your own past behind
Live for the day another year passes by
Now we turn to face our fear there's nothing more to say
Still your dreams and my nightmares remain

Silent fields of despair my tears in the rain...

[Solos - Vadim / Sam / Vadim / Sam & Herman / Herman]

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Fields of despair | Reviewer: Renchamo odyuo | 6/20/12

Im so much in music. But dragonforce is my most most favourite band. Since i love rock music, i always listen to dragonforce......i never listen any music except dragonforce..i admire all of them..

adrenaline pumping | Reviewer: Gabe | 12/6/09

The lyrics to all their songs in general have nothing to do with what you are doing while you are listening to it. So when you play sports, nothing gets the blood pumping like a good ol' dragonforce song! This song is especially good; it has a good rhythm and is great for running. I've tried it while walking, and I don't start to walk until after the song is over!

Extrordinary | Reviewer: Dustin | 4/21/09

this and all of Dragonforce's other songs are completely amazing...i mean people say they hate them...they stupid!!! Dragonforce is prolly the most talented band with the best guitarists in the world...with metallica in second...because i have seen Dragonforce's guitarist play from the TOP of the guitar neck...and that takes true talent...and having to remember all the finger placements...good talent and music!!!

wow | Reviewer: paraphernalia | 3/7/09

dragonforce has recently become my favorite band and i gotta say, this song is one of the best ones ive ever heard. i mean, the solo isnt as great as like through the fire and flames and stuff, but the rest of the song just is amazing. i seriously dont get how people can dislike dragonforce. those ppl must have serious mental health issues.

Endlessly searching for you | Reviewer: You're one in a million | 3/8/09

Brilliant song, nothing else can describe it! But I find it hard listening to as my friend died just after new year and I'm endlessly searching the stars for her. Nonetheless, awesome song by an awesome band

Really good song | Reviewer: Nero | 1/8/09

I love this song, it ALWAYS gives me the chills.
especally when I do an effort on singing with it...
also, found this song the day a friend of mine went missing, so it really connected to my feelings when I heard "Endlessly searching for you...", she was found dead, so this song is really really strong for me

Outstanding | Reviewer: Mike | 12/23/07

Wow. Dragonforce is just amazing. there are people who say their music is just noise and clutter, obviousely they dont appreciate good music. whatever anyone says, im behind them 120%. all their songs have meaning, energy and enthusiasm. GREAT WORK!!!

My tears in the rain.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

Wow...just really take a look at these lyrics They're beautiful! And I love how ZP sings... I love every line of this song, its just so heartfelt it brings me to tears. I find it amazing that in one song they can make me feel so much emotion. And the solo can't forgot that, its just so amazing it puts a smile on my face and I feel energized. Never before have I ever listened to a band who can make me so emotional in one song.

In short This song will tear you apart and put your life back together, and give it meaning at the same time.

Silent fields of despair my tears in the rain
Pain in my heart bleeding through
One day we'll be back for one moment in time
Endlessly searching for you...!!!!!

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

wooot this song is awesome and dragonforce does not have 16 has 21 i know them all by heart... cept for children of bodem dragonforce to me used to seeem like a band that is to be reckoned with but i mean wow woot

Very Nice | Reviewer: DJ579 | 8/13/07

well I havent heard since I dont have an Album from them, Ive heard about 14-16 of their songs many times, because I slowy get more and more music to my computer from them, I will buy an album just to have it :), none of there songs have topped Through the Fire and the Flames, Fury of the strom, and Soldiers of the wasteland yet, not even this though after listening to this song a few time, I know hear the awesomeness of it! still not better then those 3 though

Dragonforce > All | Reviewer: Alex | 7/26/07

Dragonforce is by far my favourite band, and Inhuman Rampage is the best album in the known universe. It seems every week a different song becomes my favourite. This song is amazing. Close 4th behind Operation Ground and Pound, Revolution Deathsquad, and Through the Fire and Flames. I like this song a bit better than Cry for Eternity, but they're all AMAZING.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

I always loved Dragonforce, but this song stands out fronm all of their other ones. It's melody, especially of the chorus, is very moving; it is sad and happy at the same time, the pace is as always awesome.

Awesome song | Reviewer: LØNE WØLF | 4/30/07

This song got me hooked on the band. It just has a catchy beat and cool lyrics

Wrong Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/07

its a great song but the lyrics you wrote are almost completely wrong so i think you should take a listen to the song before you wreck the words for people. thanx

No words | Reviewer: Raven | 4/4/07

... It's just GREAT! I don't have the words to explain that I love this song... is so... powerfull! Dragonforce and the power metal are the best! =D

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