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The Charlie Daniels Band Feeling Free Lyrics

Last updated: 07/01/2012 12:00:00 PM

Jamming down the highway, feelin’ no pain
Thanks to Mother nature, two wheels and a chain
It's good to be alive and the Sun is shinin' brighter
Whisper in my ear, girl, hold on a little tighter

You know it's alright. living and lovin' every day and night
Thanking the lord for the music in me
Piece of mind and feeling free

Soon I'll be on the road, pickin' guitar
Knowing that my home ain't very far
But don't you worry sweet thing ‘cause you know I'll be there
To kiss my Tennessee girl with the long golden hair

(Repeat Chorus)

Some say I'm livin' too hard but it couldn't be better
I know I'll be movin' on sooner or later
So all I'm asking you is to give me a hand
and think of me Girl as I travel the Land

(Repeat Chorus)