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Beanie Sigel Feel It In The Air Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2013 10:59:02 AM

My Spider senses is tinglin
Feel somethin, got my radars up

Somethin goin on, I feel funny cant tell me nothin different
my nose twitchin
intuition settin in like Steve-Vision
I still close my eyes, I still see visions
still hear that voice in the back of my mind
so what I do? I still take heed, I still listen
I still paint that perfect picture,
I still shine bright like a prism
my words still skippin (through air)
I know you cant, don’t, wont get it
you square chose to ride that ship, sunk wit it.
I'm still afloat, I ain't the captain of the yourcht but I'm on the boat
And I ain’t actin what I'm not
knowin that I don't,
you niggas actin like you will but I know you wont, (you wont)
I read between the lines of the eyes of your brow
your handshake ain’t matchin your smile
ah ha nigga’s foul.

I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air
I can hear it in your voice
I can feel it in the air

I sit alone in my 4 cornered room starin at hammers cocked,
ready to go bananas
2 vests on me, 2 techs, extra clips on me
I know my mind ain’t playin tricks on me
I ain’t skitz hommie
ain’t nobody drop a mick on me
it’s like they’re trying to plot the six on me
I hear this voice in the back of my mind like Mack tighten up your circle
before they hurt you
read they body language
85% communication non-verbal, 85% swear they know you
10% you know they square, and the other 5 times they show you,
just know you
can pull they strings, you’re the puppet master
fuck them other bastards
and watch who you’re puffin after
play your cards, go against all odds
shoot for the moon, if you miss you’re still amongst those stars

I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air (I ain’t scared nigga I ain’t goin no where)
I can hear it in your voice (can you feel me?)
I can feel it in the air

Can you feel the Grim Reaper floatin?
Float foul preacher quotin, scriptures from revalation
he’s talkin shit, he got the devil waitin
body gettin stiff, soul levitatin.
Why do I speak blasphemy?
knowin one day death will ask for me
as for my sins
no one will feel his wrath for me
I go thru it, so you wouldn’t do it after me
as for me
I’m still circlin the block before I’m parkin
not bitchin, I’m just still cautious
same black Parka, same bitch, extra clip, still fuckin with that same Lorcin, damn.
I feel it in the air, you not sincere
it ain’t a us, or a we, or a I’ma thing
it’s a good / bad karma thing
it’s a Psalm and a An’am’s thing
I swear I feel somethin honestly

I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air
I can hear it in your voice
I can feel it in the air

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real shit | Reviewer: twelve slim | 1/17/13

They ain't makin music like this anymore and anyone who ain't feeling this ain't apart of the struggle for anyone who done live this know what it is keep pressing on for all those R.I.P and free all my dawgs we does this in Georgia

maxtrip | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/11

Beans's just incredible! This song hits me hard each time i feel it. .had to incoporate it among my audio collection. .it was the last track. .cuz i need it there to vaporise me to the air in dat position. . .so much punching lines!

Feel it in the Air | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/10

The song is quite emotional and revealing alot of facts about his life and his situation at the time which the listeners could relate to it...the first time i heard this song i felt it deep inside and i thought hip hop is definately reinstating itself with real brothers that rap like beans...Much love to all my peeps out there inda strugle and peace...

keepin my head up for mi dawg... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

wen i first heard dis son man i jus felt sad inside because mi homie died..... he was a good boi man...that song did hit mi heart bt as i say dis song remind me of mi dog....R.I.P POOH WEE MISS U CUZ!!!!!!

sh*T this song hit my heart | Reviewer: mama85 | 3/8/10

me and my man were downloading a bunch of music the other day and i found this song, i have been looking for it for awhile now and when i heard the lyrics again for the first time in years i got that same feeling i got when i first heard it, the goose bumps set in and i just felt like wow, i heard this song the day i got out the hospital after being in a coma, and that day my mother came up to see me and told me that my best friend had died of and overdose i woke stright up from that coma and balled my eyes out and later that day we were driving by were we used to chill and i heard that song and just broke down, shi* is crazy out here in these streets even though that song is old it still takes me back to that day, and even now thing havent changed, people are still struggling and times are hard maybe even harder, i just think this song is one of the best. and i want to say r.i.p angel ortiz you r still missed everyday, and r.i.p to my father kilo aka josey i miss you to papi te amo mucho

Nothing less Than the Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/09

Beans is nothing less than relevent to most life issues on this track. This makes me think how me an my dude rapped on this instumental, a week later he got clapped. R.I.P Josh. damn this song is just i dont know... Josh we miss and love u.

Keeping It Real | Reviewer: Fireshooter | 4/24/09

i aint actin what iam not knowin that i dont . I understand where beans is cumin from . And the other line i like on this track is shoot for tha moon if you miss, you still amongst those stars. im still tryin to be away from the old me and do right with the new me .

love the song but... | Reviewer: amanda | 12/1/08

what everyone else says it is about they have it all wrong

he is a drug dealer... and he can feels like something bad is about to happen soon, either his death or his arrest... like when he says 'mack tighten up your circle before they hurt you'...he knows it has gotten to big and he needs to pull away some before something bad happens...some one that he deals to, he feels like in one way or another they have something plotted, and he' got to get away from them..."i'll holla you n*ggas is foul". and when he says "im sittin in a room stairin at hammers ready to go banana" he is not talking about being in jail...he is talking about how it keeps running threw his mind and he KNOWS his intuition is right, and he is taking extra 'precautions'.

The real song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/08

This song is about the time he served in jail, he did 4 years for a god damn wedd trafficing charge ppl dont do that long for murder these days he sold to a narc and he knew it was a narc(85% communicatin non verble) and he could feel it in the air he knew the bust was coming(im sittin in a room stairin at hammers ready to go bananas)

Real Lyfe | Reviewer: R.R | 4/6/08

god damn, jus poetry in motion, amazing,

"body get stiff, so levitatin
why do i speak blasphemy?
knowin one day that he'll ask for me
ask for my sins
no one i'll feel his wrath for me
i go thru it, so you wouldnt do it...after me
ask for me"

words cant even describe how this fits lyfe!!

"one love, one hate, blessed with a curse"
watch over me baby.. R.I.P

So deep | Reviewer: Ben | 10/1/07

Just beautiful... anyone can relate to it. The topic, at least as I see it, is human struggle or life. As I see it, there is something in the air that's going to make all of our lives different coming very soon. It seems as if it's the underlying theme of everything coming out of the media almost as if we're stepping into a new evolution or something of this nature. Others might believe biblical prophecies for the end of days are upon us. I believe all of this is relevant but hey I could just be going crazy.

I will never forget this song. | Reviewer: Noreen | 1/17/06

I will never forget this song. This song was playing in the background of a voice message I received a week before my dearest friend passed away from an drug overdose. I will never know now if it was a coincidence or was I supposed to hear a hidden meaning in it? 143 Mike Miss You Always.

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: Heather | 11/16/05

feel it in the air is the best song ever to come nout by beanie sigel,well that i ve heard wenever i hear it it jst makes me want to relate to it.