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Bananarama Feel For You Lyrics

Last updated: 10/24/2007 12:00:00 PM

Think it over
A little longer
You know I'm right
It's me you're looking for
It won't be long now
Coz I'm not like the girls before

Where you going ?
Don't you know yet ?
Shall I shout it out ?
Or whisper to you mister ?
What's your answer ?
You can't deny it's me you're looking for
Coz I'm waiting, waiting

I feel for you
Feel for you
And I can't let go
And I can't say no to you
I feel for you
Feel for you
And I'm waiting, waiting
For you

Hear what I'm saying. Are you ready ?
Coz you feel so close
And I can almost taste it
Music's playing
It's time to move, make up your mind Are you dancing ?
Don't keep me guessing
Coz I love this tune
And I wanna dance with you
And when it's over
You know just what I'm gonna do with you
Coz I'm waiting, waiting


Are we dancing ? (x 2)


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