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T-Pain Feed The Lions Skit Lyrics

Last updated: 08/24/2009 12:00:00 PM

Now no... no... now nigga just... just sit down for a minute man.
Cause I gotta get somethin' off my chest.
You understand me?
I'm on the high wire at every night.
You understand me?
Balancin' on that bitch is a muthafucker.
You understand me?
So you know, I'm balancin' on that muthafucker.
& he gon' give me you know, 2's & fews, 2's & fews.
Every time 2's & fews.
But them muthafuckin' midgets is gettin' paid man, I'm tellin' you.
That little bitty muthafucker.
You understand me?
But this little ring leader cat.
You know, I'm sayin' every time I sit him down I'm talkin' to him.
I'm sayin' "Hey man, look here, look here, can I get a raise?".
You know what I'm sayin'?
How's a muthafucker half my muthafuckin' size gettin' paid more than me?
You understand me?
I'm gettin' half of the money & I'm taller than a muthafucker.
Shit is crazy man.
You know what I'm sayin?
The lion came out the muthafuckin' cage? Alright?
White people sittin' on the front row.
Like they do.
You understand me?
One of 'em wanna throw some popcorn at the lion.
I knew the muthafucker's hungry.
Cause they didn't feed the muthafucker at the last show.
You understand me?
We stopped in Kansas City, Missouri & the muthafucker didn't even feed the lion.
What happened?
3 ate up little white chil'ren.
Who he blame it on?
You understand me?
That's bullshit!
I don't feed the animals & the high wire.
That's bullshit!

[T-Pain:] Y'all better not be smokin' in my shit man!

Say what?

[T-pain:] Stop smokin' in my fucking cadillac man!

Ain't nobody smokin' in yo' muthafuckin' cadillac man!

[T-Pain:] Yes you is! Nigga, I see it!

I don't even know why you keep trippin' on that shit!

[T-Pain:] Because nigga that's my shit!

You understand me? It got a ashtray in the front the back the side all up in this muthafucker.

[T-Pain:] That don't mean nothin'!

Why you gotta ashtray you don't want nobody smokin' in the muthafucker!

[T-Pain:] Cause I can muthafucker!

Well why we gotta ride in the god damn cadillac to begin with? !
You ain't got no regular muthafuckin' transportation for a muthafucker?

It's A Circus!