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The Blood Brothers Feed Me To The Forest Lyrics

Last updated: 07/09/2009 12:00:00 PM

These hot machine years
burning time across your face
See the smoke
rising up
like fuck you towers?
My girlfriend sang
like a hummingbird today
til that cough
stole her voice
and fed it to the furnance.

Shrew laugh, trench throat...
there's a party on the 16th floor.
This apartment's paper thin walls...
you know your neighbors sobs by heart.

Tight coil, cold grin...
Highways wrapped around my body like a snake.
Got a view of a cement lawn, amputated horizons.

Thanks for the survival rags!
Thanks for the soiled skies!
Thanks for the fucked up future!
We can learn to love misery!

Was it just last night
that I woke up to a snarling baby?
Did I hear it right?
He begged his mother, "Feed me to the forest!"

The factory is
singing us
to sleepless beds tonight.
Lungs like
twin garbage sacks
sucking charcoal breath tonight.

Sick squeal, dull moan...
Looks like your neighbors found another victim.
Screams "Help!" but no one comes...
Honey, won't you turn the TV on?

Brown summer, stench wind...
The globe spinning on a rusty hinge.
Get in your car go to your job,
like a train that's being robbed.
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