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Please Tell Me This is a Joke | Reviewer: Arden Hegberg
    ------ About the song The Mouth Don't Stop (The Trouble Today With Women Is) performed by Fear

This song is one of the most sexist and offensive things I have ever heard, and I do mean that literally. Please tell me this is sarcastic, because I don't understand how you can have such ideas of stereotyping and objectifying women spread across our media. It's so extreme, it seems like it has to be a joke, but I can't be sure. I hope that the people who wrote this song realize the ideas they're spreading to young women about how, not only are they not wanted if they don't fit someone's idea of physical attractiveness, but also the ridiculously old-fashioned notion that a more quiet woman is "better." Personally, I am sick of this message being spread to women by our media and society which tells them that they're only "worth" how beautiful a man finds them, which causes an extreme lack of self-confidence. If this song was meant to be sarcastic, I think these issues are not something we can joke about in a way such as this when we have an epidemic of eating disorders and depression among young women.

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