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Fear Thy Name Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2003 01:42:00 AM

FEAR THY NAME were born embraced by the nocturnal wings of the Portuguese underground world. It all began when two souls, Hugo Santos and Ivo Neves, guitar players and main band composers, started rehearsing together in November of 1998.

In the beginning, the riffs were fast and raw just like the primordial times of Black Metal, but after some work became more technical and melodic. During some time both of them rehearsed with bass players, but always unsuccessfully because none of them could integrate within the band and develop new ideas.

After some time, the lead singer Ricardo Silva joined the two guitar players, and his enthusiasm for the metal genre led the band into reaching new horizons, helping the process of song writing. This was an important phase as new ideas grew so they could be applied in the future.

Months later, drummer Ricardo Teixeira was invited to join FEAR THY NAME. The first phase line-up was complete as soon as Rui Monteiro joined the band as bass player.

Our sonority was the way we wanted it to be. As time went by we started practicing heavier and more technical sounds which, unfortunately, our drummer couldn't handle. It was a unanimous vote, we were very sorry, but we had decided to exclude him from the band.

After several attempts of finding a new drummer, we received an e-mail from Daniel Silva, who answered with enthusiasm to our invitation. At this point the line-up was finally complete (Summer 2001) and, with this new entry, the band reached the stability that was needed to reach the main goals.

In March 2002, FEAR THY NAME started the process of recording their first work in Demo CD format entitled “I - The Awakening”.

The band's sonority is somewhere between Thrash, Dark and melodic Black Metal, not forgetting all the influences from each member and the constant evolution of their compositions.