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Fear My Thoughts Biography

Last updated: 02/12/2007

Nine years of constant hi-quality metal, four acclaimed full length efforts, EP and split releases as well as live appearances around the globe make FEAR MY THOUGHTS a hard working band that is constantly developing their style without falling for false trends or role models that are just flavour of the day. The five piece earned its well deserved reputation by touring their asses off on numerous dates all over Europe, sharing stages with big players like Exodus, Caliban, Hypocrisy, The Haunted and many more as well as appearances on the major festivals such as With Full Force and Pressure Fest. Furthermore their unique mixture of melodic death metal and the best of Rock branded FEAR MY THOUGHTS as a band to remember.

Now FEAR MY THOUGHTS are set to kick off their fifth full length effort. "Vulcanus" will be their Century Media Records debut and surfaces on January 15th, 2007. Produced by Danish sound genius Jacob Hansen (Communic, Maroon, Hatesphere, Mercenary etc), FEAR MY THOUGHTS nailed down 13 new tracks that are providing a wide variety of styles and drawing influences from death and thrash metal to 70ies hard and progressive rock. A personal highlight for the band was the guest appearance on "Accelerate Or Die" by Destruction's Schmier (vocals & bass) and Mike (guitars), who are contributing their unique style to the song. All keyboard parts on "Vulcanus" are written and played by Kim Oelsen of Anubis Gates, who added extra inch of atmosphere to previous FEAR MY THOUGHTS releases. The visual appearance of "Vulcanus" is arranged by the talented artist Mark Kraemer and displays the bands attitude perfectly.

Pat (guitars and back up vocals) summarizes the band's feeling on the new material: "FEAR MY THOUGHTS has always been about diversity, about combining our musical tastes that range from A like ANTHRAX till Z like ZAPPA. We think this is the first time we have succeeded in this self-applied mission: to worship the old heroes back from the days and to be conscious about the possibilities and advantages of modern technologies." Furthermore the entire band stats on their new home: "We are pretty exited to release "Vulcanus" via Century Media Records, as we have always been fans of their roster. It's an honour for us to be part of it now!"

This piece of steel reveals many interesting worlds and neck breakers like "Accompanied By Death" or "Lost In Black" are followed by atmospheric songs such as "Culture Of Fear" in the tradition of Opeth. "Blankness" or "Soul Consumer" will impress with brutality and catchy hook-lines, before you get dragged back into darkness by the epic playful instrumental title track "Vulcanus". FEAR MY THOUGHTS are an offering to every one into heavy music - disappointment is definitely not on the bands schedule!
Their scheduled tour with death metal heroes Kataklysm as well as Neaera that's hitting Europe's stages in early January will give everyone the chance to check out FEAR MY THOUGHTS' new sound live. In the first week of November the band is also up to support 4 dates on the upcoming The Haunted tour!