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"One thing I could say about Fear Factory is that you can
put on a Fear Factory song and know it's Fear Factory.
Nowadays, so many bands are copying each other but we've
always remained true to our sound." - Dino Cazares

On their third album, Obsolete, Fear Factory continue to
explore the battle of man versus machine; organic versus
digital. Frontman/lyricist Burton C. Bell explains: "The
concept of this record is that man is obsolete. The idea is
still man versus machine - man versus the system machine...
man versus the government More...

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Review about Fear Factory songs
You dont know anything! | Reviewer: WeaZZelord
    ------ About the song Piss Christ performed by Fear Factory

All people who believe in God, are blinded! What is with all the Pain, Suffering in the World? People who didnt deserve it died in a bank robbery, where was their saviour? Where is my saviour when i need him? He is not there because THERE IS NO SAVIOUR!
Stop believing everything you hear and begin to question things that happen. Open your Eyes. My Faith in Humanity and God died long ago.

Great song | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Archetype performed by Fear Factory

Probably my favourite song from fear factory, lyrics are about dino being fired from the band, I wonder now dino is back In fear factory what he thinks about the song and if they play it live

Reponse | Reviewer: Pak
    ------ About the song Piss Christ performed by Fear Factory

My saviour is alive, you'd better meet Jesus rather than listen to lies, people. Just ask him, nevertheless. All these things testify... And you would'nt even notice it?
I'm not afraid. A fear factory is a lie.

Undercurrent! | Reviewer: Mike James
    ------ About the song Undercurrent performed by Fear Factory

Great song! Discovered it by accident... has an addictive flavor to it... has a great sound, feel to it... it's lighter than most FF songs, not as heavy, but really catchy... I have played this song a LOT... when I met my wife, when I hadta go overseas, when I came back, etc... Love this song, listen to it almost everyday.... This is one of my favorite songs of ever.

Love this Band | Reviewer: Kevin
    ------ About the song Fear Campaign performed by Fear Factory

Im only 14 and I probably have a mind of a 30 year old man. Most Heavy Metal songs have messages and teachings in it and Luckily im a metalhead not a stupid kid who listens to rap and spends his own money on shoes that are expensive just to look good. !Metal \m/ Metal \m/ Fear factory is one of my all time inspirational bands

Fear Factory can replace God. | Reviewer: Max
    ------ About the song Contagion performed by Fear Factory

I've listened to this album many times over (skipping over Supernova and I Will Follow, heard them, not impressed) simply out of enjoyment.
Despite Dino leaving, this is really one of the most meaningful albums they've produced yet.

Best Hardcore | Reviewer: Phil
    ------ About the song Shock performed by Fear Factory

Shock is one of FF's best songs and they are one of the Best in the business more cerebral than most. i have had the pleasure of working with Raymond and Dino (when he was in the band) and they are great guys. and Raymond is an incredible drummer.

Fear Factory's Best! | Reviewer: Shawn
    ------ About the song Faithless (Zero Signal) performed by Fear Factory

Best Fear Factory Song Ever! My personal Favorite. The song explains the "Disconnect" we have with God sometimes, and are ability to believe in things to be made right beyond the current circumstances we see, and our faith when God doesnt answer us right when we want thim to, or how we want him to, when we feel there is "Zero Signal" from the devine. One of the best songs in metal history. Herrera's technical arrangements behind the drums are at there best here!

Plus, in the Movie Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage & Scorpion beat the hell out of eachother to this song (literally). Cheers to Paul Anderson for using it in the movie. Awesome!

contagion...............infectious | Reviewer: deiscorpus
    ------ About the song Contagion performed by Fear Factory

fantastic track from fear factory. Back to their original sound with more power and venom. This is one of the stand out tracks from the album.
They have come a long way since Dino departed and they really don't deserve some of the mediocre reviews written about them. I personally think this is one of the best they have written

replicasion | Reviewer: jorge
    ------ About the song Replica performed by Fear Factory

i've heard the sound and it really matchets with the lyrics

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