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He hit the ground running,
At the speed of light.
The star was brightly shining,
Like a neon light.

It's your favorite son.
It's your favorite son.

A fixture on the talkshows,
To the silver screen.
From here to Colorado,
He's a sex machine.

It's your favorite son.
It's your favorite son.

But isn't it a drag?
Isn't it a drag?
Isn't it a drag?
its pretty bloody sad,
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but isn't it a drag?

A clean-cut All-American,
Really ain't so clean.
His royal auditorium,
Is a murder scene.

It's your favorite son.
It's your favorite son.
Oh, isn't it a drag?
Isn't it a drag?
Isn't it a drag?
It's pretty but it's sad,
but isn't it a drag?


Well no one says it's fair.
Turn a teenage lush,
To a millionaire.

Now where's your fucking champion?
On a "panty raid"
He's not the All-American,
That you thought you paid.

It's your favorite son.
It's your favorite son.
But isn't it a drag?

The first artificial earth satelite, in the world, has now been created.

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F**K Bush Go Green Day | Reviewer: sammie | 10/21/2007

Bush is a fucking ass who deserves 2 die green day is awsome and so is this song I love it cause (even though it says SON and I have sisters) it is like what I think of my crappy sister...and what my mom thinks she thinks of her (as a fav. daughter) so when I am mad I always like 2 listen 2 it on U Tube

its a cool song so there

answer to : the only bad thing is.. | Reviewer: chetii. | 10/23/2007

yeah :( that's the bad thing.. i think the same as you guy.. :) the song rocks on! but it's a shame the comercial cd more expencive than the first.. :S i think so. but green day rocks :P and they're the fucking best (L) i love them to death.

byebyee (L)

ya no | Reviewer: lea | 8/21/2007

all i got to say to all of you is how freakin pathetic & horrible all of you are, go ahead and & say stuff about bush, but of the end of everyday for now, bush will be our president, so suck it up, and live the rest of your life. bush may not be the best president, but by all means hes a hell of a more president then any of you will ever be.

The only bad thing is... | Reviewer: Jennifer | 2/9/2006

that Green Day didn't include it on the normal version of American Idiot. I think it would have been perfect, but no, it's on the expensive version only.
Still, it is a fanstatic song. A perfect song for American Idiot. I really hate Bush and this song is just amazing. It says a lot for me, I live in Austin Texas and I depise Bush. We aren't all red necks, despite what Billie Joe says

It Rocks! | Reviewer: Linnéa | 12/23/2005

This song is so fuckin' great!! One of Green Day's best songs!!
no one can say it isn't good!! 'couse it is!! mohahaha...
And it's a really big fuck you to bush, and that's great!! 'couse he is a big fucking asshole // Me and the swedish people!! isn't it a drag?

Green Day always have rock and they still do | Reviewer: kizz/phycopunzel | 12/20/2005

i love this song its so cool nd f!"K bush!!!! i love Green Day *bows* they rock my world and this song duz just that . . . :D
anarchy for eva i have listened to green day since i was born literaly i have been brought up on em so if u want green day opinion on wat is a good song of theres is then ask me and i can tell u FAVORITE SON is one hell of a song . . . >:D wooooh -xXx- kizz -xXx-

Great song | Reviewer: scott | 9/20/2004

I love this song, it is at the top of every playlist I make on my iPod. Unfortunately, it is rumored that it will not apear on the upcoming album, but it is on Rock Against Bush Vol. 2, just another reason to go buy that album.

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