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George Michael Father Figure Lyrics

Last updated: 07/29/2013 07:01:40 PM

Father Figure

That's all I wanted, something special,
Something sacred in your eyes,
For just one moment, to be bold and naked
At your side

Sometimes I think that you'll never understand me
Maybe this time is forever, say it can be

That's all you wanted, something special,
Someone sacred in your life
Just for one moment, to be warm and naked
At my side

Sometimes I think that you'll never understand me
But something tells me together, we'd be happy

I will be your father figure (Oh baby)
Put your tiny hand in mine (I'd love to)
I will be your preacher teacher (Be your daddy)
Anything you have in mind (It would make me)
I will be your father figure (Very happy)
I have had enough of crime (Please let me)
I will be the one who loves you
till the end of time

That's all I wanted
But sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime
That's all I wanted just to see my baby's blue EYES shine
This time I think that my lover understands me
If we have faith in each other
Then we can be strong

I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
till the end of time

If you are the desert, I'll be the sea
If you ever hunger - hunger for me
Whatever you ask for, that's what I'll be

So when you remember the ones who have lied
Who said that they cared
But then laughed as you cried
Beautiful darling, don't think of me

Because all I ever wanted
It's in your eyes baby, baby
And love can't lie, no...
(Greet me with the eyes of a child)
My love is always telling me so
(Heaven is a kiss and a smile)
Just hold on, hold on
I won't let you go, my baby

I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
So I am gonna love you
till the end of time
I will be your father
I will be your preacher
I'll be your daddy
I will be the one who loves you
till the end of time
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"father figure" | Reviewer: tricia | 7/29/13

Obviously this is a song of molestation by a man of the church. "Father figure" preacher teacher" and im sure the mixed feelings one has about molestation can lead to having ti express your self through song if that is your fortay.

Beautiful!!! | Reviewer: DRS2013 | 7/18/13

I've always loved this song, I think the lyrics are just perfect, thoughts and desires in many men and women's mind. what else you have in your mind it's just a creation of your mind.

Sooo not about child molestation | Reviewer: Jayna | 7/30/12

If you've seen the video, It's about a woman, a girl who's had a rough life, maybe drugs, promiscuity early in her life. She grew up too fast. A girl who's "broken". And basically has daddy issues, leading to man issues. She didn't have a "father figure". George Michael wants to "save" her, the way a father should love and protect his daughter, along with loving her as a partner. At the end of the day, all women, want a man like this. Someone who is strong, protective, comforting and will "save" her. A "father figure". I think it's beautiful and pure.

Molestation...i don't think so. | Reviewer: Michael K. | 2/16/12

I think that words of this song plus its video say something oposit. I wouldn't go that far with the molestation jugdement.
In my opinion it is about love that should never happen. Author knows that but somehow he can not end it. Finally it goes to nothing, only pain remains...

Powerful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/11

Ive always loved this song as well.....and I agree as I get older it makes so much more sense. He is willing to do anything for his partner and fill whatever void she has. The passion and love in this song is so powerful.....very moving.

And yes....father figure is a figure of speech.

issues | Reviewer: Dreamer | 1/15/11

I think all of you are full of it. There are many women out there that are looking to a man as a father figure to replace the father that they had issues with when they were growing up. Thats why we have so many women with self esteem issues. the lyrics say "I will be your father figure, I will be your preacher teacher anything you had in mind" He is simply saying that he will fill whatever role this person needs him to fill so that she will be with him. just an opinion...

Love this song but the comments. What? | Reviewer: Love2day | 10/19/10

Omg you people! This isn't about molestation. JFC!
In I Wanna Be Your Lover, Prince says he wants to be "your mother and your sister too" as well as the girl's lover. Did he mean that literally too? No. Figures of speech; learn them.

Bringing back the old days | Reviewer: Jackie | 8/1/10

I remember sitting with my best friend in junior high, her name was Mary Mobely (if your out there get in touch!) And listening to this song on record. I have loved this song since I can remember, and now as an adult, it just really makes so much more sense what he is singing about, beautiful, just beautiful.

up to interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/10

The video helps to interpret the song. If you've ever been in a relationship that is better kept a secret, or with a person considered below your station (Taxi driver with a supermodel), I think they would understand these lyrics better. Sometimes it seems like a "crime" to be with the person because of how others would react, or how stealthy you have to be with them. I think the "father, preacher, teacher" is like saying I'll love you enough to take the place of all the important people in your life if you choose me.

old pals | Reviewer: ahmed mortada | 4/13/10

this song reminds me of my good old pals at high school,we used to skip away from the class,and play this song with the guitars,i wish we can meet again and get the old days come back'..about the song i think its one of the greatest songs i ever heared in the last 20 years

I Love this song | Reviewer: Mannan | 8/12/09

When i was of 4 years i had hard this song first time in ma car with ma eldest bro.He is a lover of this and at that time i just love his voice and the music. but now i can under stand the lyrics so i love whole song.... thanks to George Michale For this wonderful song... Love u...

Great song! | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 1/8/09

I remember this song since I was in high school and Father Figure still one of my favorite songs. In every song written by Michael he only expressed himself and he did a great job. Exceptional talent! Simply he gave us his words and his feelings. Every person has they own view and please do not take this song literally. Simply enjoy the song! DO NOT COMPLICATE YOUR LIFE.

What i think it actually is | Reviewer: Danielle | 12/11/08

First of all stop making it like this is a bad song about children and all that cause its not. All George is saying is he will take care of her and watch over her and make sure nothing ever happens like a father would do. thats why its FAther Figure not Father although he could have left the "ill be your daddy" line out.

Good Advice.... | Reviewer: SebastianMichael | 10/15/08

Why are you people talking about Michael Jackson, when George Michael did the song? Not only does it shock me that nowadays nobody seems to know how to spell! (I.E. MichEAl when it's spelled MichAEl, but also that you people have no idea what you're talking about. Michael Jackson was NEVER molested, and neither was George Michael. So here's my good advice for the day "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Complex | Reviewer: adri | 9/25/08

This is a song that can be taken literally or not. I think personally, it's all about how you identify: with the woman, with Micheal, with his real life or with his statements. I think it's about power in relationships and sexual needs. Some women need to be dominated to feel good, some men need to dominate, sometimes that is reversed, and it doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, being molested as a child can really mess with your ability to have healthy adult relationships. However, many women try to find their solace in men rather than in themselves, and thats why I think the model is angry.
So gender roles, sex games, and secrecy are more likely the subjects here than his actual life.