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Fatboy Slim otherwise known as Norman Cook was born Quentin
'Norman' Cook in Bromley, England 13 July 1963, but grew up
in Redhill, England. He moved to Brighton to attend college
where he started DJing around town. When he got a call from
old school mate Paul Heaton he moved to Hull to play bass
in Heaton's band, the Housemartins.

After supporting Billy Bragg on tour, they signed to Go!
Discs with a little recommendation from Bragg. Their first
single 'Flag Day' made it into the top 120. The second
single 'Sheep' reached 56, but More...

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Review about Fatboy Slim songs
Title is not accurate | Reviewer: J Dub
    ------ About the song Dub Be Good To Me - Beats International performed by Fatboy Slim

I wanted to like this song. But, it doesn't even mention dubs in the lyrics. 2/10 for the humming rap, but it was NOT Jam Hot. Wouldn't listen to again.

Best song ever! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wonderful Night performed by Fatboy Slim

I love everything about this song, especially the use of the "f" word. It just really gives the song that little extra something special. Kudos to the record label and to Fatboy Slim for promoting vulgarity and sexy sexiness!

Jack is the one ! | Reviewer: Jack
    ------ About the song Love Island performed by Fatboy Slim

The Message from Fatboyslim in the first seconds must be heard !
Here, the Human who typed the lyrics forgot the first seconds !

pls listen to: " Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It " To understand it right ..

Fatboy slim made a joke ^^

This definitely isn't Gorillaz or Blur.... | Reviewer: Jovan
    ------ About the song Put It Back Together performed by Fatboy Slim

I thought that sounded like Damon Albarn just from the chants and "lalala's" from the beginning. I'm always happy to see collaborations like this. Fatboy Slim's and Albarn's works never cease to surprise and entertain!

What the ... | Reviewer: Bella
    ------ About the song Wonderful Night performed by Fatboy Slim

Really enjoyed the melody and beat until I he.ard the "f" word. Really?? So not necessary! Listen up: profanity and denigrating women only makes you sound stupid and low class. Why not use your God-given talents in a positive easy? And shame on the record label for promoting vulgarity and sexism.

Great song! | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song Song for Shelter performed by Fatboy Slim

For me its the best song made by Fatboy. It makes me go to a million places at the same time. I recommend the version which is in Half between the gutter and the stars (there are a couple other versions but none as good as this).


Awesome | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song Wonderful Night performed by Fatboy Slim

This came on when I was running on the treadmill at the gym. They play music really loud, but some of it is depressing. This song really pumped me up. I cranked up the treadmill and rocked out. Too bad it's not a half hour long.

Timeless | Reviewer: G B
    ------ About the song Praise You performed by Fatboy Slim

This song is so easy on the ears
u can listen to it anytime
im personally a very moody person but this track when played
sets me straight ...
n the repetition of the lyrics is wot makes it so addictive..
u know he drills the notion into ur head so much tht u have to sing it
he does this in other of his tracks too...awesome..
Hear it !

amazing song | Reviewer: blunderdog
    ------ About the song Wonderful Night performed by Fatboy Slim

Still brilliant, owing much to Lateef's amazing rap skills. If you haven't listened to it at least a hundred times, get on it.

I think that one lyric might be "epicenter of the party's bass tremors" instead of "drummers."

world out of a word | Reviewer: the_outer
    ------ About the song Praise You performed by Fatboy Slim

i have to agree w/ Projekt_B. i'm so not into techno , pretty much more into grunge and punk... so i'm too surprised when i find songs like this... just awesome!! thanks to fatboyslim for this one

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