Fatboy Slim Albums

  • Here Lies Love Album (4/6/2010)
    Here Lies Love
    Every Drop Of Rain
    You'll Be Taken Care Of
    The Rose Of Tacloban
    How Are You?
    A Perfect Hand
    Eleven Days
    When She Passed By
    Walk Like A Woman
    Don't You Agree?
    Pretty Face
    Ladies In Blue
    Dancing Together
    Men Will Do Anything
    The Whole Man
    Never So Big
    Please Don't
    American Troglodyte
    Solano Avenue
    Order 1081
    Seven Years
    Why Don't You Love Me?

  • The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder Album (6/20/2006)
    The Rockafeller Skank
    Praise You
    Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix) (featuring Cornershop)
    Weapon Of Choice (featuring Bootsy Collins)
    Gangster Tripping
    I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix) (featuring Groove Armada)
    Wonderful Night (featuring Lateef)
    Right Here, Right Now
    Going Out Of My Head
    Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
    Everybody Loves A Carnival
    Don't Let The Man Get You Down
    Demons (featuring Macy Gray)
    Sho Nuff
    Slash Dot Dash
    Santa Cruz
    Champion Sound
    That Old Pair Of Jeans

  • Palookaville Album (10/5/2004)
    Don't Let The Man Get You Down
    Slash Dot Dash
    Wonderful Night (featuring Lateef)
    Long Way From Home (featuring Jonny Quality)
    Put It Back Together (featuring Damon Albarn)
    El Bebe Masoquista
    Push And Shove (featuring Justin Robertson)
    North West Three
    The Journey (featuring Lateef)
    Song For Chesh
    The Joker (featuring Bootsy Collins)

  • Camber Sands Album (11/19/2002)
    Camber Sands
    Drop The Hate (Santo's Napalm Reprise)
    Song For Shelter (Chemical Brothers Mix)
    Demons (Stanton Warriors Dub)
    Retox (Dave Clarke Mix)
    Weapon Of Choice (Instrumental Version)

  • Illuminati Album (11/19/2002)
  • The Pimp Album (11/19/2002)
  • Live On Brighton Beach Album (6/25/2002)
  • Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars Album (11/7/2000)
  • On The Floor At The Boutique Album (3/28/2000)
  • The Fatboy Slim / Norman Cook Collection Album (3/21/2000)
  • The Signature Series, Vol. 1: Greatest Remixes Album (2/15/2000)
  • You've Come A Long Way, Baby Album (10/20/1998)
  • Better Living Through Chemistry Album (4/1/1996)

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