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Pearl Jam Fatal Lyrics

Last updated: 10/12/2010 11:00:00 AM

How good is he? How warm are his eyes?
You'll see it's not a reprise
Did he arrive too late and too tethered away
To put on his suit and his tie?

How good is he? How warm is his heart or ego, telling him which place to park?
Did he relate? The message is clearly, hardly grounds for dismissal
Outright... grounds for dismissal outright...

I wake up and wait up
When anger's in fashion
I wake up and wait up
It echoes through the mansions
I wake up and wait up
When April's in May, oh, uh-oh
I wake up and wait up
The answers are fatal
The answers are fatal

I wake up and wait up
The answers are fatal
If he's truly out of sight, is he truly out of mind?
If he's truly out of sight...

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Army from OZ | Reviewer: Army | 9/25/2007

Brilliant. If you want to really capture the feel for this song listen to the version on the album "Live at Benaroya Hall".
Simple, haunting and high quality as you expect from Pearl Jam!

chillingly good | Reviewer: EJ | 8/18/2005

I would say that fatal is equal to the dramatism of black. the music, lyrics and especially the way Vedder is giving his unique voice to the song makes it one of the better PJ songs for me

Pearl Jam Bianural outtake track | Reviewer: VKM | 10/23/2004

Great song, lyrics are ok but the music is incredible. I wish they'd put this one on Binaural, because its good enough to have been on it. But,as with songs such as Dirty Frank, Leatherman and Alone, it didn't make it. I'm pleased I heard it on Lost Dogs.