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Fatal Smile Biography

Last updated: 02/21/2003 08:16:41 PM

"Fatal Smile is based in Stockholm - Sweden and was formed back in 94 by the guitarist Y Unutmaz in Katrineholm They recorded a number of demo's with a different line-up's.

In 96' Y moved to Stockholm and there he hooked up with the Karlshamn born bass player Marcus Johansson, the drummer Rickard Johansson and the vocalist Niklas Jonsson. They started to write together and did some gigs at the Stockholm's live scene.

In 99 they recorded a 2 track demo (Hip M.F. / Sad & Gone) and sent it to numerous labels and rock magazines, they recieved good reviews all over the world and the future looked very bright for the band.

In the year of the new millenium the vocalist and frontman Niklas Jonsson jumped off the train of Fatals to join the Göteborg based quartet Highlander (Lost Horizon) and The Fatals was left without a lead-singer.

Later the same year (April-2000) Y found an add on the internet that the vocalist H.B. Anderson ( ex-Scudiero) was looking for a hardrocking band.
They got together and "BOOM" the Fatal Smile was ready to take the world by storm!!!

During the summer of 2000 they recorded the well reviwed demo "Beyond Reality - 2000" and things started to happen... Later that year they recorded a second demo and did a series of live shows with huge success.
In the early summer of 2001 they began to record their debut album "Beyond Reality".

The album is produced by Jonas Östman (Yngwie Malmsteen, Mental Hippie Blood ect)and they spent 6 weeks recording & mixing the album in Stockholm .

Fatal Smile later signed a record deal with the Swedish label GMR Music Group and will release their debut album "Beyond Reality" in early 2002.

A change in the line-up is that the drummer Rickard Johansson has left the band and is replaced by the rock´n roll madman Robin Lagerqvist from the Six-Pack Solution.

The Fatal Smile is now complete.

Welcome to BEYOND REALITY!!!