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Pink Floyd Fat old sun Lyrics

Last updated: 05/05/2013 10:22:43 AM

When that fat old sun in the sky is falling
Summer evenin' birds are calling
Summer's Sunday and a year
The sound of music in my ears
Distant bells
New mown grass smells so sweet
By the river holding hands
Roll me up and lay me down

And if you see
Don't make a sound
Pick your feet up off the ground
And if you hear as the warm night falls
The silver sound from a time so strange
Sing to me
Sing to me

When that fat old sun in the sky is falling
Summer evenin' birds are calling
Children's laughter in my ears
The last sunlight disappears
And if you see
Don't make a sound
Pick your feet up off the ground
And if you hear as the warm night falls
The silver sound from a time so strange
Sing to me
Sing to me
When that fat old sun in the sky is...(fades out)

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Fat Old Sun restores fat old Man | Reviewer: PillyDave | 5/4/13

Saw Pink Floyd Fillmore East in April 1970- 8th row center (my best Fillmore seat ever)-also my first attempt to tape a show, which was not too successful-David introduced Saucers and I turned the tape off. There is a Fillmore West boot of the tour-check out Wolfgang's Vault where I recently saw the show offered. A few years ago I found the CD of the April 29th, 1970 final show, and got it and after 40 years of periodically putting on the tape, hoping the song would be there, there it was on the boot. That was a Happy experience. Recently bought Gdansk, and am so thankful that David took Richard Wright (RIP) on tour. Wright's keyboards were/are seminal to Pink Floyd specialness. So the last week I've listened to Fat Old Sun hundreds of times, as I am mostly disabled in bed with arthritis, and rediscovered Fat Old Sun- the perfect positive song. I haven't heard Atom Heart Mother in decades without a turntable. Richard Thompson- another favorite of mine- has a song You Can't Win or Can't win-check out Ducknapped for example, which has identical structure- two short verses and killer solo, but is the Yin/Yang flip side to FOS positive Yin, Can't Win is Yang side of the coin in the finest doom and gloom RT perspective. Shine on Brightly, -Procul Harum- my brothers and sisters out there in listening land. Thanks for my Ears.

grandioso | Reviewer: robertoramos | 1/22/13

Esta banda es la mejor del universo!!!!!! no hay nada igual!!!!

desde Tijuana Mexico, tube la gran oportunidad de estar en el 2010 en kansas city en la gira de Roger Waters!!!! fue mi sueo realidad, algo muy bueno e de haver echo!!!!!!!!PINK FLOYD # 1

21 years and counting | Reviewer: Jeremy | 8/18/10

I've been a fan of Floyd ever since I was a 15 year old and heard "Learning to Fly" for the first time. Thankfully I was hooked and have only continued to appreciate this band more and more over the years. I was one of those people who only listened to the post DSOTM stuff for years. I had never even listened to anything else. Thankfully I picked up a copy of David Gilmour Live in Gdansk and heard this song. This is now my favorite Floyd song and also opened me up to all of the older not so famous songs. It is a real treat being a fan of this band as there really is nothing but good song after good song after great song on every album.

Pink Floyd | Reviewer: Dan | 8/16/10

Lyrics are always bottomless, Gilmor's guitar is always perfect, one really sweet song off a really sweet album: atom heart mother. They are one of the greatest bands of the decade, who stood for more than just music.

Live version rocks! | Reviewer: 30 year fan | 5/28/10

This is an amazing song... if you're able to obtain an old live version your mind will be blown away. Instead of a fade out a guitar AND keyboard solo will extend the song with 6-7 minutes of aweness. Try to get the BBC '71 recording of this song for top quality of such a live version.

Updated 'live' version | Reviewer: KBc | 3/10/10

I couldn't agree more with the general comments on this thread. Fabulous song and greatly underrated. In addition to the original track on Atom Heart Mother, those who really want to appreciate just how poignantly this lyric can be delivered and how an already powerful guitar solo can be converted to magnificent majesty should check out the version on the David Gilmour 'Live in Gdansk'. 5-stars without a doubt.

yeah, | Reviewer: Subadai | 12/18/09

Fat Old Sun is a Great song. For all other Floyd fans. Check out "A Pillow of Winds" and from the Syd era "Julia Dream" Fantasic, if you ask me. Im an OLD fan. the newer stuff just doesnt get it for me.

Some of the best music ever | Reviewer: joe public | 3/26/09

This is certainly one of the best songs from the pre-DSOTM era Floyd. It captured the bluesy origins of the band, showing them as a quartet well able to hold their own as a solid R&B outfit. At the time, this was an important linkage to the psychedelia that was all the rage in the late 60's, and which the Floyd's founder-member, Syd Barrett, helped to shape. Certainly, this is a classic, one of those sleeping giants that waits for the listener to stumble across. Visit the Floyd's back catalog, and discover why this really was such an influential band, and always a decade ahead of their cohort.

Marvelous | Reviewer: JD | 1/18/09

More people need to listen to the pre-DSOTM Pink Floyd. Not that there's anything wrong with that later stuff. Just that if you enjoy that but haven't looked back to their earlier stuff, i.e. this... you're missing out.

Fat Old Sun | Reviewer: Lee | 11/13/08

This is one of my 3 most favorite Pink Floyd songs ever... so much of there music releases emotion unlike any other band i have ever listened too. This song is so underrated as most people only know the DSOTM and The Wall songs since those were the most popular..... take the time to listen to this over and over again.... after listening to this song hundreds of times i still find myself hitting the repeat button sometimes

review | Reviewer: johnny Q | 12/29/07

simply the best song ever by Pink Floyd.the way Gilmour sings it is so mesmerizing and amazing. One of the most underrated, unknown song by them that gives me chills

Buy the record | Reviewer: sondre | 11/26/07

If I were you I would go to the store and buy a vinyl pressing of the album, so that you can enjoy the amazing cover art while you listen to the real good old sound! Downloading will never be the same!

This is a highlight on a amazing record! Songs like this makes them one of my favorite bands!

when the fat old sun in the sky is falling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/07

This is probably the best pink floyd song and has one of their best solos at the end. Probably better then comftorbly numb, this song and echoes are just simply amazing pre dark side of the moon songs. You MUST check them out if you like pink floyd. This song is on album Atom Heart Mother, if i were you i would download it.