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Big Sean Fat Raps Remix Lyrics

Last updated: 01/24/2011 10:00:00 AM

Smoke good.
Fuck better.
Count money.
Whats better.
These little niggas cant hang.
Big shit popping bitch and big be my first name.
I'm a west sider, detroit player.
Fuck around and i might bring back gators.
Everyday i leave the crib with no money.
And come back later with that mutha fucken paper.
Finally famous over everything thats just how i feel bitch.
They trying to stop my shine.
I haven't hit the kill switch.
Wrong nigga to deal with unless you doing a deal with.
Grind hard. Thats just how i was built bitch.
Whoa there. Whoa there.
Round here.I know. Everybody know here.
I come in through the club and get more money than promoters.
Oh thats your girl?
I see her at my show there.
I be off in the hood.
I bet you dont ever go there.
Ayy so slow there boy.
Don't go there boy.
Theres people you dont know there boy.
Young nigga thats addicted to the Polaroids.
And i gave these niggas more lines than Corduroy.
And my bitches be gorgeous boy.
Showtime i hope you record em boy.
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