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Storming through the party like my name was El ninio
When I'm hangin' out drinking in the back of an El Camino
As a kid, I was a skid and no one knew me by name.
I trashed my own house party cause no body came.

I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school
Never going, never showing up when we had to.
attention that we crave don't tell us to behave,
I'm sick of always hearing act your age.

I don't want to waste my time
become another casualty of society.
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down.

Because you don't
Know us at all we laugh when old people fall.
But what would you expect with a conscience so small.
Heavy metal and mullets it's how we were raised.
Maiden and priest were the gods that we praised

Cause we like having fun at other peoples expense and,
Cutting people down is just a minor offence then,
It's none of your concern, I guess I'll never learn.
I'm sick of being told to wait my turn.

I don't want to waste my time
become another casualty of society.
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down.

Don't count on me, to let you know when.
Don't count on me, I'll do it again.
Don't count on me, it's the point you're missing.
Don't count on me, cause I'm not listening.

Well I'm a no goodnick lower middle class brat,
Back packed and I don't give a shit about nothing.
You be standing on the corner talking all that kufuffin.
But you don't make sense from all the gas you be huffing.
Then if the egg don't stain you'll be ringing off the hook,
You're on the hit list wanted in the telephone book.
I like songs with distortion, to drink in proportion.
The doctor* said my mom should have had an abortion.

I don't want to waste my time
become another casualty of society.
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down.

Waste my time with them
Casualty of society.
Waste my time again,
Victim of your conformity
And back down.

[* they sing "dentist" here in the "Fat Lip" video]

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they are so gay | Reviewer: sum 41 are fags | 5/6/13

i hate this song it is shit every thing about them sucks they are just attention seeking wannabes they are no better then the wigglesthey are so gay on the other hand the rainbow connection by jason maraz is so awesome i love it soo much he can acctally play a guitar and he can sing to i it soo much sum 41 could out stage the wiggles in a fag off Sum 41 = GAY MEN c=3

Fucking kick ass song :P Excuse my french.. :) | Reviewer: Dahlia | 8/4/10

I love Sum41! But I'm tied up at the moment, I cant decide who is better, Green Day, Blink 182 or Sum41.. A little help maybe? I love it in the song when he says kufuffin.. my ears had a fucking orgasm and shit! Lmfao.. I love Sum41.. love them.. love them.. love them. <3 :) :D :P >:O

Sum 41 best song | Reviewer: mychemicalromance101 | 8/27/08

This song is the best dong by Sum 41 cuz it describes me perfectly. Except for the mullets part. My hair isn't in a mullet, it's like Gerard Way's. I'm also really glad Deryk Whibley got married to Avril.

this song kicks azz! | Reviewer: ben | 2/29/08

this song is my fuckin anthem! these lyrics and this song are what nu punk is all about. sum 41 is awesome except 4 underclass hero but i still love them theyre way better than green day and blink 182 and good charlotte and all those other bands. sum 41 forever!

Cool | Reviewer: Shit™ | 11/6/07

This is the best song ive evr heard. I dont care if im sad or happy. This changes my mood. The video rocks too. Just the best. Rock on dude!!!!!!

uhhhh duh! | Reviewer: ARBITRARY | 11/1/07

this is an amazing song... if you haven't heard this song then you haven't lived... played it on expert on the first guitar hero! MAKES THE SONG EVEN BETTER

wooooowzers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

this is probs my fave song and sum 41 r deffo my fave band and ive got all thier albums and hoprfully im seein them in november

so yeah | Reviewer: Jayme | 9/20/07


hmmm | Reviewer: phil | 8/12/07

this song is awsome but it is gunna b hard to learn this song on drums! =/ so!

LURVE IT :-p | Reviewer: nia | 7/14/07

omg luirve it so hott dosent get much better!!!!!!this band is the best. when i hear this song it rly makes my day!!!!!!

tiny t | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

i absolutely love this song!! a party aint a party until this is played!

this song rocks | Reviewer: gabriela | 5/4/07

my m8 clayton he goes hyper wqith this song and it just so explains about him and his m8s hes really cool and i really like him (as a m8)
this song fucking rocks

Wow! | Reviewer: Daniela! | 5/2/07

wow... this song is amazing!, .... like me!
hahaha, bye!

fat lip | Reviewer: little guy | 4/23/07

great upbeat song that pefectly portrays teenage life

Riot | Reviewer: millie | 3/7/06

me and my m8s allways riot & go crazy when we hear this song its so fast paced & and outta controll & the lyrics realate so much 2 teenage life like u just wanna have fun and enjoy life with u m8s & u just dont care if peeple dont like u & u dont want lots of responsibility but u wanna be trusted and that u dont wanna be like every1 else but u wanna fit in with every1 else too!
God man this song has so much contraversey init.
plus deryck whibley looks so sexy in this video, i cant belive he married avril lavigne (that lucky B!tCh) lol

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