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SOME things never change. South Bronx-native Joe Cartagena's upbringing in the heart of hip-hop's birthplace has kept him grounded. His success has had little effect on his ability to produce rap music in its purist form. After three solid albums, the man known as Fat Joe still feeds hungry hip-hop heads with the most genuine streetwise hardcore music in the game. Now, with his new Terror Squad/Atlantic release, "JEALOUS ONES STILL ENVY (J.O.S.E.)," Fat Joe brings rap back home to the streets, seizing control from the current wave of commercial-friendly thugs.

"I had a lot to prove with this album, and whenever I find myself at my most vulnerable point, I seem to step it up," Joe says. "I always knew the formula. I knew what I had to do with this album." "JEALOUS ONES STILL ENVY (J.O.S.E.)" stands as a sequel to Joe's critically acclaimed second album, 1995's "JEALOUS ONES ENVY" the rapper's personal favorite of his previously released work. "That album was cheated out of its commercial just due," he says, "so I had to do this album, which is like a Part Two to that one."

The album is Fat Joe's long-awaited follow-up to 1998's gold-certified label debut, "DON CARTEGENA," and his first since the untimely passing of his close friend Big Punisher. The collection reflects the Bronx Don's period of mourning and perseverance in the face of hard times. Following Pun's tragic death, Joe knew that he had to continue the Latino hip-hop legacy. Nevertheless, he remains determined to create rap music that everyone can relate to, regardless of their ethnic background.

"I don't make Spanish rap," Joe affirms. "I'm just a rapper that happens to be Spanish."

To create "JEALOUS ONES STILL ENVY (J.O.S.E.)," Joe was joined in the studio by a rogues gallery of today's baddest producers - including Rockwilder (Busta Rhymes, Erick Sermon, Redman), Irv Gotti (DMX, Ja Rule), Psycho Les (Mos Def, The Arsonists), and Alchemist (Talib Kweli, Capone-N-Noreaga). In addition, a variety of superstar associates turn up on the album, including Xzibit, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Noreaga, Petey Pablo, and Buju Banton, as well as Joe's Terror Squad cohorts, Armageddon and Prospect. The album's powerhouse first single is "We Thuggin (featuring R. Kelly)," which was the result of the two artist's longtime mutual admiration for each other's music.

"When I met R. Kelly, he was like, 'Joe, we gotta do something,'" Fat Joe recalls. "He only had to say that once; I was already on my way to link up with him."

Fat Joe is on lyrical fire throughout "JEALOUS ONES STILL ENVY," shooting machine-gun rhymes over smoking street beats on such tracks as "Murder Rap (featuring Armageddon)." "Opposites Attract," sees the Don joined by his promising female proté–“? Remy Martin, while the infectious blend of styles on "Fight Club" (featuring M.O.P. and Petey Pablo) adds up to the album's hardest joint.

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yu a da king of rap starz | Reviewer: davie | 11/13/2008

joe crack, i must say that yu a more than a rapper. u have just had enough in rap industry.just train some up coming stars and give them support.I donno know when i will stop listening to yo tracks cuz they make ma life better.yu a my inspiration.Davis, Uganda

Cracks da best | Reviewer: Marvin | 5/20/2008

All i wana say is i like da man music its 4rm da heart and terror squad i love u guys trina hale at y boy marvin en that nigga 50 destroy him crack u da king of new york yeah!all da way 4rm namibia

Hello Fat Joe how are you | Reviewer: tracyluxz35o7@yahoo.com | 1/24/2008

Hello Big Joe i am a Cameroonian and i will love to really be like you and lil wayne. i love your rap styles in Make It Rain and i will like to tell you that i love your rap styles.you are a good rapper and i will like you to help me out to be like Lil Wayne and you .i got no money but i can rap too. i am 17 years old and will like you to help me out Big Joe.

make it rain | Reviewer: bright amponsah | 9/27/2007

this is da biggest hit of all time from fat joe
i like it, so do all ma friends especiaally OLD NAVY,CASTALAGY,KWATARA,CONNIE BA DIIZIWA

Don Cartegena | Reviewer: MAXIMUS | 9/21/2007

Is your best album, da beats the rhymes, everything was off da charts, # 2 for me is JOE... JEALOUS ONES ENVY.... Hot at hell Hustling is the key 2 Success .... MAXIMUS


love u. | Reviewer: kiss | 5/23/2007

i will like u to continue to produce the best and give up.

He phony | Reviewer: Realist Crew | 4/14/2007

yo u ppl just dont know he doesnt write his
own lyrics !!! he is robbin; big punz fam of they money and yet pun was his brother
everybody knows that pun made joey he not real
yo cuban link listen to what he said in letter to pun !!! JOEY U KNOW ME DAWG I GOT U !!!

J.O.E da Don---Keep G'n 4ever cuz u da DON | Reviewer: Sosa-Metra repin (R.O.C&BK) | 2/8/2007

Fat joe remains da mos thorough, i got fam in BK and 2 live in da BX is a whole nutha game. thats real. Fat joe u da Don and hip hops future's in ur grips R.I.P Punisher. I stay pack'n my macks & tec's from Gothim-Roc-2 Bk and back. I grew up on the Cartagena Ts,& definitly PUN. Fat Joe's The realest shit u'll ever listen 2 and jus like PAC the DON stays loyal 2 da Game. Big ups 2 da whole NY state, we da Empire. 2007 (prepara de revolution!) viva Che

You the best | Reviewer: cda | 10/3/2005

Welcome to the best rapper ever(in my opinion)im not even gonna bother trippin im just gonna say, carry on with what youre doing keep up the good work,keep beefing with 50 and ditch that pussy ass nigga jadakiss(i hate him)

Luv It!! | Reviewer: Jocelyn | 11/26/2004

Yo I luv yur new song w/ Terror Squad. I hate 2 break it 2 ya, but I never even new who u b until dat song came out. I know a friend who says he knows u all da time. He lived in south Bronx hiswhole life. I believe him wen he says that. But I think u pretty kool, I luv ya musik, so keep it up!!!! Sincerally,
Jocelyn..( a.k.a. FLIP )

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