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Restless Heart Fast Movin' Train Lyrics

Last updated: 11/08/2011 10:00:00 AM

She had a long line of lovers,
Mostly the gambling kind
I didn't want to be like the others
And get left behind
I heard about her bad reputation
And how she had a heart of stone
How she'd give a man a moment of pleasure
To get what she wants

I had a weakness for her kind of woman
I could never deny
I knew I wouldn't ever see it coming
'Til I was lost in her eyes
But the more I tried to keep her at a distance
The more I became aware
She was breaking down my resistance
'Til I no longer cared

Tonight I saw the red, red rose and the yellow moon
Shining on the silhouette lying in the shadows of my bedroom
I knew it when we made love and I couldn't quit calling her name
That I'd been hit by another fast movin' train
I'd been hit by another fast movin' train

I wondered as I lay there and held her
Why can't this be real
And why the fear wouldn't let me tell her
How good she made me feel
I doubted if she would even be around when the moment comes
I waited 'til she fell asleep to whisper,
"Baby, look what you've done."


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This sucks | Reviewer: Lydia Abel | 11/8/11

This song ever sucks...just like the guys in the video...they ain't handsome at all...There's only one handsome man in this world and he's my sucker from da mine site in the know who you are!

on another note | Reviewer: Lydia Abel | 11/8/11

this song reminds me of him...too bad..too sad, he had a wife and 4 kids, he couldn't leave them cause of that..I'm single without any kids or obligations, so i understand how he's stuck when he should be with a carefree party life and no one to tie us down...This is the life of a miner in da NWT...too many social problems...damn I love him still!