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White Zombie Fast Jungle Lyrics

Last updated: 09/20/2007 12:00:00 PM

fast, fast jungle king of the road fast, fast jungle got a suicide machine big
bad jungle flying down high down the sewer streets sailing down the river
streets destination light neon number forty-two grind and move my way found and
kick my way down and s ave my way hanging on psychic ride sliding down fridays
child get out now before you cripple shell crowds a carbon long while a twisted
root digs the citys hold careless saint preach of love modern trash scream for
war citycide going nowhere citycide nowhere which ung end in a dragstrip crash
leatherman singing for the past painted eyes got a face to remember king of
control dead september do what I say not what I do leave it to the true beasts
the mindless, motherless dog bitch spread her life on the fucking floor rip her
legs in the shattered glass retaliation murders retaliation murders now the rot
control the tooth and the dirt in the world say freak father to bro ther, sister
to mother taste the failure from one another sometimes all that glittlers gold
when its howling in the widows grave where a broken skull speak like a god and
the head-stone reads --buddy holly-- join the ressurection rave on in my
direction rave on got to rave on rave on rave on rave on