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Farmer's Boys Biography

Last updated: 08/13/2002 10:48:19 PM

The Farmer's Boys emerged from the Norwich scene of England's East Anglia in the early Eighties. Contemporaries of The Higsons, they released a trio of independent singles during 1982. The group were signed up by EMI on the strength of the third, 'More Than A Dream', which was subsequently reissued. A fourth single, 'Muck It Out' (the rustic title playing on the band's name) was issued in April 1983 and reached no. 48 in the UK charts.

Preceeded by the sparkling single 'For You', the band issued their debut album 'Get Out And Walk' in October 1983. The following year saw the release of a string of high quality pop singles, including the glorious Summer release 'In the Country' (a cover of Cliff Richard's original) and 'Phew Wow!'. Despite heavy promotion, both singles narrowly failed to make the Top 40 singles chart, which would have brought the band well-deserved exposure. A second album, 'With These Hands' followed in early 1985, along with a 10th single, 'I Built the World'. The band split shortly afterwards; individual members went on to join other bands, including The Avons, Dr Fondle and the Nivens.

Baz, Mark and Stan are currently members of the band The Great Outdoors.