Far-Less Albums

  • Everyone Is Out To Get Us Album (2/7/2006)
    You Knew What This Was
    Dialogue Supervisor (Rise Of The Pop Icon)
    Jumping The Shark
    It Gets Complicated
    Garage Band Degree (Everyone Else Is Doing It, Why Aren't You?)
    Walk Between The Raindrops
    I Looked At The Trap, Ray
    Too Pretty (To Be A Zombie)
    Roswell That Ends Well
    Everyone Is Out To Get Us

  • Turn To The Bright Album (11/16/2004)
    Instrumental 1
    Scorched Earth Policy
    The Mountain Song
    Out Of Balance (Koyaanisqatsi)
    Instrumental 2

  • Broken Hearts Unite Album (7/15/2003)
    A Virus On My Mind
    Ignorance Is Bliss
    Mike Lowrey
    Interlude (Point Of Rebirth)
    Broken Hearts Unite
    Your Antidote
    Hormones And Peer Pressure

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