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Far From Heroes Biography

Last updated: 01/18/2005 10:36:08 PM

This Sudbury Ontario based, five-piece rock band are working hard to bring something new to the "pop/punk" craze. Although most of their influences are those of punk rock nature, Far From Heroes bring a new element of rock to the table. Take one listen - either recorded or playing live - and the infectious melodies will haunt you for weeks.

The talent doesn't end at writing songs. These five handsome, stylishly dressed young men will put on a live show to be remembered. Watch as they drift off into "the land of heroes" and perform for the crowd with all of their hearts. While watching them play, you can almost feel as if you are a part of the group.

Their single, entitled Start The Circus is an upbeat, energetic joy ride featured on the upcoming Sony release Beyblade Soundtrack Volume 1. Ultimately, this single is a must when partying with friends. Hell, pop it in when hanging out with your parents. There is just something about these guys that the kids, the teens, and even parents will love.

Lee remarks, "When we write songs, we don't try to make them radio friendly, or easy to listen to, or anything like that. We just always do what we think sounds best, and if it turns out 'mainstream' or 'radio friendly,' then so be it".

Founding members Lee and Scott began playing, writing - and above all dreaming - at the young ages of 13 and 14. Six years later, after a few name and member changes, Far From Heroes have obtained what they like to call the "all-star" lineup. They all feel as though each member of the band is as crucial as the next. Far From Heroes are Lee, Scott, Jer, Theo, and Jay - if it were any other way, than it wouldn't be Far From Heroes.

:| Instrument Vocals
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:| Birth Date April 26th, 1982
:| Favorite Bands Refused, The Police, Elliot, True Theories, Tom Petty, The Get Up Kids, Nofx, Arkata, Raised Fist, Jimmy Eat World

:| Instrument Guitar
:| E-mail
:| Birth Date September 20th, 1983
:| Favorite Bands The Beatles, Blink 182, Arkata, Brand New, Green Day, Saves the Day, At the Drive-In, Box Car Racer, Coldplay, Refused

:| Instrument Guitar / Vocals
:| E-mail
:| Birth Date May 19th, 1982
:| Favorite Bands

:| Instrument Bass
:| E-mail
:| Birth Date December 17th, 1982
:| Favorite Bands The Cure, Kid Dynamite, Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, afi, The Weakerthans, Jimmy Eat World, The Fullblast, A Wilhelm Scream
:| Gear Fender Hot Rodded P-bass through an Ampeg SVT-4 PRO and Ampeg 8x10 cab

:| Instrument Drums
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:| Birth Date October 4th, 1983
:| Favorite Bands
:| Gear Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drums, Noble and Cooley Snare, Zildjian Cymbals, Yamaha and Pearl Hardware